As many of you know it’s officially wedding season again. I am happily back in the studio making my precious bridal bouquets. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have already seen these beauties. If not, now is your chance to see them here.  This first bouquet was created with the leftover flowers of the day. Unfortunately we often have an excess of flowers leftover because of the bulk stem count we have to order or because some flowers are just plain difficult. Like the poppy for instance. All of these beautiful orange and yellow poppies are excess because I had to buy random mixed bunches of poppies to get the pale peach, pink, and white ones I wanted. I special ordered solid bunches of peach poppies from Holland, California, and NYC and guess what, nope I could only get mixed bunches. Truthfully I am glad it happened though, having extra poppies is always a pleasure.  Did you know, florists like to have flowers also!!

This bridal bouquet featured pieris from my garden, scabisoa and sweet pea from Japan,  clematis from Florida, lilac from a local grower, white  ranunculus and white peony. The bouquet was finished with an amazing ribbon treatment.

This bouquet featured peach and cream poppies, ranunculus from Japan, coral charm peony, peach juliet cabbage roses, white ohara roses, white lilac, illsa spray roses, and dusty miller.

I think we are off to a great start!



  • Becca Blue Says: (04.09.2013 | 02:46)

    Hi Holly!
    If you don’t mind me asking, do you ever have any issues when you use lilac or clematis in bouquets? I love them both, but am always afraid that they will crap out on me (or a bride) so I usually steer clear. 🙂 Thank you. (I could eat the purple bouquet…truly.)

    • Holly Chapple Says: (04.09.2013 | 09:14)

      I usually get my lilac from local sources and that helps quite a bit. Often the lilac is from my yard. Francoise Weeks taught me to quick dip the lilac and that helps a lot. In general my bouquets are so full that the blooms all help support each other. I love the big open style of bouquets, where single blossoms are floating in the air, but quite frankly that style makes me nervous. My bouquets are so power packed that if somebody wilts there is another pretty friend right by its side and that helps to keep everybody perky and upright!!

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