Day 3 with Francoise Weeks proved to be as incredible as day 1 & 2. There are many reasons why designing with Francoise is a must, but one of the greatest reasons is that your world of design and the elements you can use get vastly larger.  Not only did I learn how to use house plants, mosses, vines, barks, twigs, and other natural elements. I also learned to use many of the standard floral industry supplies that I have never considered using before. It’s as if Francoise opened a door for me with endless possibilities.. I have spent 20 years doing this craft. Francoise just gave me the inspiration to carry me for another 20 years.

Francoise’s magical woodland designs are created on the new European bouquet holder created by Oasis. This is a product that I have been asked to try by my wholesaler and even the manufacturer. Each time I was offered the holder I declined using it as I could not imagine why it would ever be useful. Just let me tell you Francoise has it all figured out. She does have some tricks and some adjusting she does to the structure but you will have to come to Francoise’s class if you want to know the secrets. These holders are one of the many new design supplies that will be shipping to my house tomorrow morning. I want this stuff waiting for me when I return to my studio.

These are the fabulous bouquets we created yesterday. Okay so I gotta end this post because I have to go catch a flight to VA. Wish me a safe trip and I will finish this post as soon as I can, I still have more to tell you about my trip to Portland.

  • jen Says: (02.21.2013 | 01:43)

    So fun hearing about your time with Francoise! Those bouquets are amazing!

  • Francoise Weeks Says: (02.21.2013 | 01:48)

    All your bouquets were stunning!

  • peggy sherwood design an events Says: (02.21.2013 | 02:02)

    Wow….I am speechless…I can’t find a proper ajective to describe these amazing bouquets!!!!! I am aching to learn from Francoise!!!!!!! Yall rock!!!!!!!

  • Leslie Says: (02.21.2013 | 04:42)

    Those are all stunning. I have always looked at bouquet holders and things of the like with the same thoughts….
    I guess it’s mostly because I’m so used to handtied…
    I’m so excited to take her workshop in L.A. now to expand my horizons. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  • Rebecca Raymond Says: (02.21.2013 | 05:30)

    Thank you for sharing your days with Francoise!It’s been fu following along! I will be seeing her in Seattle April 5th. I’m sooo excited .

  • Sue Prutting Says: (02.21.2013 | 10:53)

    I’m going through major withdrawal from all of the inspiration from Francoise AND from you Holly! Couldn’t have asked for a more creative atmosphere! Loved spending time with you both and cannot wait to see you again in NYC!

  • Sue Prutting Says: (02.21.2013 | 11:00)

    P.S. If you all have not been to Portland to experience Francoise and one of her spectacular workshops, GO! She is so kind and the amount of info (mechanics, behind the scenes business, creative ideas, etc. etc. etc) Francoise provides is staggering! I only regret I didn’t make the trip sooner!

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (02.22.2013 | 07:31)

    All the talent is awesome! It is cool to see what a bouquet holder can look like, so different from the old way! Great to see Leslie and Rebecca will be learning from Francoise too! You ladies will have a blast!

  • Kate Says: (02.22.2013 | 07:44)

    Oh, MAN am I excited! These are so beyond stunning, like woodland worlds. I want to shrink like Alice and climb in. Fantastic!

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