As we enter into the new year, many brides will start to define the look of their wedding flowers. I thought now would be a great time to let brides know that choosing “wild flowers” as a style type is awesome, but only if you choose the look because it’s what you prefer and not because you believe this is a cheaper option. As a floral designer with a focus on brides and wedding flowers, I am often asked to design wedding flowers that look like “wild flowers.” This request is often followed by, “I want a bouquet that looks like it was just gathered from the field.”  Wild flowers for weddings is a look or a vibe. The look can be obtained by a designer that is carefully gathering, styling and arranging the flowers. As long as the bride is choosing this type of design because it’s the look that most appeals to her, all will be great. However, some brides believe that asking for wildflowers indicates a cheaper design option, and that is simply not the case. Unfortunately, there is not a free wild flower field waiting somewhere for florists to pop by and cut from. Many designers myself included, work with local growers or grow as well. These locally grown stems are every bit as valuable as flowers from the wholesaler. In fact, many of my local growers charge more per stem then the regular flower wholesaler. In actuality, these blooms are specialty blooms, there is a limited amount of production, they are ultra fresh and super unique. Remember, each flower is a miracle, each bloom takes months to grow, hours to cultivate and harvest. The flowers that will be a part of your wedding day are works of art!

  • kate Says: (02.11.2013 | 02:22)

    Holly, you are a writer and an artist. You speak for all of us who love growing, and designing with flowers.

  • Pam Morris Says: (02.11.2013 | 05:39)

    Holly, you always nail the subject at hand. I get so sick of the term “wildflower” used incorrectly. If I have to plant it, fertilize it and water it (when it is 90+ degrees) it is not “wild.”

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