Floral designs by Francoise Weeks

Who wants to meet me in Portland Oregon? That’s right, I am going to Portland. I am thrilled to be a guest designer at Francoise Weeks floral design studio. We will be holding a wedding and event workshop. I have been following Francoise’s work for the last year and a half and I am honored to be teaching with her.  Many thanks to Amy from Botanical Brouhaha and Alicia from Flirty Fleurs who introduced me to Francoise.

The above designs were all created by Francoise Weeks.

Now about the class…

3 Day Wedding/Event Workshop on February 18, 19 & 20

This Wedding/Event Workshop is intensive and inspiring, providing insights and techniques developed over many years of European floral design. Classes begin with a lecture and presentation, where your input and questions are welcomed.

After a demonstration of floral techniques and mechanics, you will design your own pieces. You will hone your artistic talents, and will be encouraged to listen to your intuition and further your own vision. Classes are limited to five students to ensure valuable individual attention.

Dates: Monday February 18, Tuesday February 19,  Wednesday February 20

Time: 9am til 4pm (1 hour lunch break)

Where: At Françoise’s Studio

Cost: $900 – A 50% deposit is requested to reserve your space; the balance is due February 4.

For more information, please call 503-236-5829 or check my website


As I embark on new and exciting things I find I am living by this quote from Francoise Weeks ‘When the desire to succeed becomes greater than the fear to fail, I move forward.’  Those are words I can live by!!!

With that said, who is going to meet me in Portland?

  • Val Hunter Says: (01.13.2013 | 06:45)

    you definitely can’t beat that price!

  • Isabel Says: (01.16.2013 | 05:55)

    Wow maybe you can speak Flemish with her ?
    Depends if shes originally from Flanders = Flemish or Wallonia=French…. Lucky you .. What an interesting begining to 2013 .

  • Carol and Peggy Says: (01.17.2013 | 05:46)

    Hi Holly,
    We loved the class we took from Franscoise in November. You two will be amazing together. While you are in Portland we must connect. Let’s chat about that next week in California….we can’t wait.

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (02.01.2013 | 07:50)

    Oh Holly…..how tempting this sounds….Francoise’s designs are exquisite. I can’t wait to meet her in NYC!!!!!!! If there was only unlimited time and funds!!!!!!!!

  • Leslie A Says: (02.02.2013 | 06:09)

    Don’t I wish…I know everyone will have an amazing time.

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (02.05.2013 | 03:59)

    Holly and Francoise teamed up will make it even more of a dream workshop! I still think about my time spent there in 2011, and put her valuable tips and tricks to use all the time.

  • Dana O'Sullivan of DellaBlooms Says: (02.06.2013 | 03:15)

    Are there still spaces available? Does this include lodging? Would love more info. please.

  • JOrmond Events Says: (02.07.2013 | 05:02)

    Oh, how I wish! Maybe another year.

  • Brittany Flowers Says: (02.07.2013 | 07:17)

    OHH! I’m so sad…I wish I had seen this before now. I’m from Portland and I love Francoise! Have you two considered Seattle? I’m so sure it will be AMAZING~

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