This spooky bouquet was created yesterday for Photographer Lisa Boggs and for model/event designer Laura from Events In The City.   The shoot was created to give Lisa a chance to photograph in the storm titled “Sandy,” more information about the shoot can be read here. The bouquet was created with black painted sea star fern, tillandsia or air fern, black freeze dried roses, pods, beehive ginger painted black, and black grasses and pods. When I got the request for this bouquet I was walking out the door but I simply could not miss this opportunity to create a spooky dark bouquet. I snagged the air fern off of the garland at my front door and I spray painted a few things black and all of a sudden, I had a bouquet for this shoot. This was super fun. Congrats to my friend Laura who was looking mighty hot and to Lisa who did an amazing job photographing this trash the dress session. Hope you enjoy these photos!!!



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