This past weekend my son Alex married his high school sweetheart Mallary. Their wedding was in truth one of the most amazing and special events I have ever designed. Alex and Mallary married the week of their 9th anniversary together. Their union was one that has been long awaited for, and it was the most emotional day of my life. I truly, truly, cant believe how hard this day was. Giving birth to a child is painful but so joyful. Giving a child away is ten times more painful, but also very joyful.  There will be so many wonderful images to share with you and so many incredible design ideas to share as well, but for now I just want to say congratulations to my children, and thank the remarkable vendors who helped me give my kids their dream wedding.

First I want to thank our flower shop crew of designers/friends. My gang worked tirelessly on this wedding.  I had more ideas and expectations than were humanly possible and yet we did it. When I walked out of the manor house to see our final creations I screamed with delight. The ceremony area was a truly remarkable space and one I have been dreaming of for months. My team was amazing!!!

Genevieve Leiper Photography, you are such a good friend and I am so honored that you were with us. Thank you for capturing my children. I LOVE YOU!!! Having a wedding featured in Martha Stewart with you was a big honor but this was even bigger!!!

Dot Shetterly Silverbrook Farm, this venue was completely perfect for our family. Working with Dot was amazing. We love the farm and we love Dot. Dot also officiated the wedding. There is something very spiritual about Dot and her farm. WE LOVED DOT, AND WE LOVE SILVERBROOK!!!!

Don’s Dahlias, my children dreamed of dahlias. They have been wanting a dahlia wedding for years. Don’s dahlias became the focus of my designs and I truly could not imagine designing without them.  I LOVE YOU DON!!!!

Joni Savoir Fare Catering, thank you , thank you, thank you, for taking care of my child and providing my son with the menu of his dreams. The Heider’s like to eat, so the food was extremely important. The wedding would have been an epic fail without you. Your kindness and service will never be forgotten. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!

Victoria Stiles Hair & Make Up, You are amazing, I knew you were incredible but now that I have personally been in your chair. I am certain you are a MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!!! Thank you for making us all feel beautiful, you were a God send.

Dolce Studio Films,  perhaps the greatest gift of the weekend was the opportunity to work with Dolce. Our family almost skipped having a videographer, if we had done that I would have huge regrets right now. Because of Dolce, I have no regrets. Our family will be able to see the wedding over and over again. HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER!!!!

Kims Kreations, Kim Trombly created runners for our tables, made sashes for Mallary and Grace and redesigned my dress. I could not have completed my vision of the day without Kim’s seamstress work. Kim is one of my past MOB’s and I see a lot of collaborating in the future. I love customizing an event and now I can!!! WE LOVE KIM.

Kendalls Cakes, Working with Kendall for the wedding cake was a huge treat, so much so, that Alex even wrote a song about Kendall and her amazing sweets. Kendall is one of the sweetest ladies we know, and her cakes are even sweeter. LOVE KENDALL!!!

Rachel Merkle, I saved one of the best for last. Alex and Mallary’s wedding was epic because of your design work. Talk about custom. People are going to die when they see the pieces you designed. Every single item was over the top. Rachel created custom invitations, stamps, logos, programs, menus, complete and total event branding. Rachel is one of my past brides and an incredible friend. We could rule the world together. WE LOVE MISS MERKLE!!!

Many thanks also to Party Rentals for their beautiful chairs, farm tables, and linens. Having the chairs I wanted was so important!!

Here I am in in the middle of our incredible ceremony design. Just wait until you see the full pictures of this, its a show stopper!!!


  • nina! Says: (10.09.2012 | 07:01)

    MOM YOU LOOK PERFECT IN THAT PHOTO! genevieve did an amazing job with the photographs, and the venue looked beautiful… POST A PICTURE OF THE SEVEN KIDS PLEASE!

  • Jessica Jones Says: (10.09.2012 | 07:44)

    HOLLY! You look AMAZING! Your posts are always so heartfelt, but I can just hear and feel the joy in your soul! What a proud mamma! Congrats to the happy couple and your family!

  • Trish Says: (10.09.2012 | 08:12)

    Oh! Look how beautiful you are! Happy day for you all! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Janet Says: (10.09.2012 | 09:08)

    Holly, you look amazing! Congratulations to Alex and Mallary!

  • dot/silverbrookfarm Says: (10.09.2012 | 10:02)

    Holly, a truly amazing family you have. It was such an honor to have a small part in this most perfect day. The designs were incredible; everyone wonderful to work with; and I love your son, Alex, and his bride, Mallary.
    I look forward to many visits, my soul sister.
    cheers,hugs and love, dot

  • Joy Galloway Says: (10.10.2012 | 11:20)

    Holly, it is hard to believe you now have a married child. Time goes so quickly. It is obvious that you are making use of every second. God bless you and yours.

  • Kristin heider dicaro Says: (10.10.2012 | 12:18)

    I am so honored to have such a beautiful and talented older sister!!! AMAZING is what you are…….xoxo

  • Laura Says: (10.10.2012 | 03:20)

    Holly you look amazing!! Beautiful!!

  • natascha Says: (10.11.2012 | 02:45)

    you look stunnign and I LOVE your dress. Gorgeous photos!

  • Aunt Judy Says: (10.11.2012 | 05:53)

    Holly, the events of last Friday were fabulous! You, Evan and the children looked wonderful and Mallary and Alex were so happy! Their vows were so special, funny and teary all at the same time. How you managed to keep it all together boggles my mind. I was also very happy to see all the sisters together, it’s been a long time (for me). I am very anxious to see more pictures! Love you 

    • Holly Chapple Says: (10.17.2012 | 12:47)

      The wedding was wonderful because we were all together. I was so happy to see you and uncle Larry there. I love you and all of my amazing aunts!!!

  • Carlene RD Says: (10.12.2012 | 08:30)

    Holly, you look gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see more photos. I just went to a wedding at the same location and it was fabulous.

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