First a big round of applause to the amazing photographer Tracy Timmester. I can’t believe I already have images to share from Casey and Joey’s amazing Loudoun Wedding at Merriewather Manor. Tracy you are a rock star!!! I big round of applause also goes to Kelley Cannon Events for their planning and styling of this wedding. Just two weeks ago I had the pleasure of providing these amazing florals to my bride Casey. This event and this wedding is super special to me because Casey allowed me to use some of my new design ideas that  I had just learned in Belgium. Casey was the first bride I consulted with after I became an internationally trained designer. That sounds mighty fancy, right!!

In Belgium I learned how to make a bark wire grid for my bouquets. If you look closely at this bridal  bouquet you will see that there is bark wire completely woven around the bouquet. This was a technique I learned from the famous Moniek Vanden Berghe.

I think this bouquet was kick… and it was totally unique. Callas are typically used in contemporary designs so it was challenging and exciting to use them in a rustic design. It was also fun to do a bridal bouquet that was slightly  cascading.

Maids carried magenta or wine toned flowers of coxscomb, berry, celosia, scabiosa, and dahlias. Talk about a vibrant and yummy mix.

My favorite design idea of the day was our new aisle treatment which was a new invention that Evan made for me. This design was also inspired by my time in Europe. In Belgium I saw wonderful iron plates or stanchions that designers use to hold floral designs upright. Because this wedding had a bit of a tree theme, Evan made my stanchions out of old stumps and iron posts. We then wired willow and water tubes onto the iron posts. Dinner plate dahlias were used in the water tubes. The aisle looked awesome, but I have to admit the 11pm clean up was not too cool, throwing logs at my age is getting interesting!!

I am in love with this color combination!!!!!

Note the amazing paper products designed by my past bride Rachel Merkle. We are in love with Miss Merkle Design.

Photographer Tracy Timmester

Second Photographer & Assistant:  Artemas Mott & Rachael Boyd

Coordination:  Kelley Cannon Events, Lindsey Farrell

Venue:  Merriweather Manor

Caterer:  Main Event

Florist:  Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Invitation & Paper Designer:  Miss Merkle Design

Hair & Makeup:  Earth Diva

DJ:  Bialek’s, David Grimm

Cake:  Edibles Incredible

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (10.01.2012 | 03:03)

    Oh Holly……every flower design is gorgeous…as always!! I LOVE her bridal bouquet…it is STUNNING!!!!!!!!

  • isabel Says: (10.02.2012 | 03:40)

    Hi Holly having a litle visit to you in blogspace today… BRAVO your new Belgostyled MVB twist above ….and how marvelous now that you are working AT HOME with your garden fresh vistas and International and floral -world long experiences…sounds and is good, side by side ..proofs in the pudding right ?

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