In spite of the fact that we are one week away from my sons wedding, and that we are in the height of wedding season. We hosted a photo shoot here at our home/flower shop. This was incredibly fun and inspiring. I am sure there are those that might wonder what would make me get involved in something like this, at this time of year. However thankfully, I just do, and make things happen, and this is why I enjoy some peace in my life. Yesterday was super fun, designing for pleasure is something that I must continue to do or I will lose my creativity. Photo shoots allow me to develop new color combinations, and to hone my skills as a designer, a stylist, and as a trend setter. Highlights of the day included seeing Evan with a leaf blower and then as a model. Seeing Elijah, Sam, and Grace dance in the fog from the fog machine was pretty darn fun as well. We loved having our dear friend and photographer Anne Robert here, and we even got to babysit sweet little baby Lottie who is just 7 months old. I also got to spend time with Dawn from Something Vintage Rentals, Dawn showed up with a U-haul of amazing antiques, china, lace, and stunning furniture. Hair was done by the always awesome Jewels, and make up was done by the incredibly Amie Decker Beauty. The dresses, OH MY GOD the dresses, those were sent to us by Hannelore’s.

Imagine having hair and makeup artists, models, dresses and photographers in your living room. Add to that a few spiraling and swirling kids and a busy flower shop, and well, you have heaven!!

Yesterday was amazing!!

  • natascha Says: (09.27.2012 | 02:33)

    Holly, I AM IN LOVE with SOMETHING VINTAGE RENTALS – AMAZING, I canot wait to see these photos!! Again, love all that you do!

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