It has been quite a while since a did an “in the cooler” post. I used to love doing these Friday night posts but honestly its a lot to keep up with. Life is wildly full and rich. I am avoiding saying the b word because being¬† _ usy, has gotten quite the bad wrap lately. The truth is everyone is fully involved or engaged in a million projects or work related assignments.¬† Thankfully all of the _usy work is finally done here and we have only to deliver our beautiful designs.

Even though we are completely ready for tomorrow I am still nervous. Yep, even after all of these years I get nervous. My desire to please my brides is so strong that the weight of making them happy haunts me. I hope, hope, hope, my brides are thrilled tomorrow. Each one of them is very special to me and each one of them has super high expectations!!! Imagine how nervous I will be two weeks from now when I give a bouquet to my soon to be daughter in law. Now we are talking about being seriously nervous!!

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