Every year on the first day of school the kids stand at the red front door to get their picture taken. It’s my favorite photograph of the year. This year the clan is slightly smaller and that is oh so very painful for me. I actually hate when school starts, I hate to have them go back to school, but I do love this photo op. This year Alex is working his first real grown up job, Abby and Hannah are at JMU, Riley started high school ( he is my man child) Elijah started 1st grade, Sam went to kindergarten, and baby Grace will go to preschool. I can barely believe this is happening to us. I DONT WANT THEM TO LEAVE!!!

Here is Sam just before he popped on the bus for the very first time.

This shot of Elijah jumping off of the bus is classic, and speaks volumes about this little man.

Incredibly enough my oldest kids reported in with first day of school or work pictures for me as well. I can’t tell you how cool it is that they sent me these photos.

I want to be super clear about something, I am no super mom. Part of why I hate them going back to school is because I am always so remorseful that another summer has passed and that I worked harder than I intended to and played way less than I hoped to. I am going to change that someday and I better hurry. I am loosing precious time!!!!

  • Amy Says: (08.28.2012 | 03:02)

    You have beautiful kids! You are so blessed, and they to have you as their momma!

  • Pam Morris Says: (08.28.2012 | 01:23)

    You and Evan have to be so proud of your children. They all appear to be so confident and ready to take on the world. As an empty nester I can only tell you to cherish every moment you have them and be confident that you have prepared them for leaving. You do survive and I never thought I would. Do not beat yourself up for working so hard; because, that is a life lesson they will all benefit from in their adult lives. I too had to work and both of my children are extremely dedicated to the responsibilities they have taken on as adults.

  • Alexandra Says: (08.28.2012 | 02:26)

    I just dropped off Luci on her second day of preschool. I can’t believe how quickly they grew from the day they hand me the babies at the hospital. I think it’s pretty cool that your kids (even the older ones) send you pictures from their first day in college, work or even going to school for the first time. Cute. I’m sure the house feels a little empty but it will be a few years before everyone flies away from the nest. Until then enjoy those kiddos. I think even though all your kids live in a big family they all have their own beautiful personalities that makes them unique in their own special way.

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