With all that has been going on around here I have been skipping my “in the cooler” posts, but we have so many things to show you, I just had to pop by tonight to say hi!! First up, we had an awesome wedding today. These blue, peach, and coral tones truly make my heart sing. Look at this wedding…

I am obsessed with the clematis vine flying out of these altar designs; many thanks to designer Miriam who added the clematis vine after I flipped out because the designs were not big enough. Miriam did a fabulous garden rescue on these designs, proving once again the answer is always in the garden.

The centerpieces on this wedding were stunners as well and again feature tons of clematis from our farm. Many thanks to designer Whitney for leading this wedding to glory and for getting a little wild with the clematis.

The next pictures are a parade of tomorrow’s bridal bouquets. Holy freak, we are killing it here with all of our lovely products and our many new sources.

Some really big things happened here today, some of them wonderful and some of them a little painful, but we continue to move forward into the next phase of our story!!!

  • Evie MacDougall Says: (06.25.2012 | 09:50)

    Blown away Holly…love love love these flowers!

  • Suzanne Cade Says: (06.26.2012 | 03:16)

    I love your peach, orange and blue combination for centerpieces. I think the orange rose is a “Free Spirit” but do you mind sharing the variety of the pink rose?

    • Holly Chapple Says: (06.27.2012 | 02:08)

      Yes the orange is a free spirit and the pink rose is a spray rose. It was a new variety to me. I will also the wholesaler!! Write to me via email and I will find you the variety name.

  • Bev Mannes Says: (07.05.2012 | 02:28)

    Love this color combination and the petals everywhere! Let me know when you are starting classes. Would be great to see you again. Little Grace was adorable in the pink pomanders! what a week it must have been with the challenges of the storm. Glad you were able to pull it off. Kudos to you! Bev

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