Two years ago we lost our family practitioner to pancreatic cancer. Just a few months ago his trusted friend and staff member Sally brought to our home a thank you card. A card that my husband had written to thank our wonderful doctor. This card had been saved by our doctor for many years. In this card Evan thanked our doctor for his love and care of our family. In that moment I knew how much a thank you card meant.  Yesterday, I received several thank you notes that made my heart swell with pride and love. We are doing a great job here, my brides know it, their guests know it, and our MOB’s are mighty happy as well.  Here are some of the comments we received from last weekend’s weddings!!!

I woke to this email from our Friday bride….

Seriously?!  You truly outdid yourself.  I have always been a huge fan
of yours, but everything you did for us VASTLY exceeded my
expectations.  I was absolutely blown away – my bouquet, the
centerpieces, the mantle, the chuppah – everything was PHENOMENAL!!!

You and Evan are both SO amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for
everything.  Not only were our flowers more beautiful than we ever
could have imagined, you are the most wonderful people to deal
with…. We are so incredibly grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything, and thank
you for making our wedding SO beautiful.  I just adore you two.  <3

xoxoxoxo Kelly

then a few hours later I got this….

No matter how many times I say thank you to you two it just doesn’t seem to be enough…  Here’s a teaser pic since I don’t have our photos from Kate yet.  Love you guys!

Just a bit later I got this note from my brides mom, under subject matter “A Gigantic Thank You to Our Floral Fairy Godparents!” .

Dear Holly and Evan,
     We’re sorry this is several days late but we took a few days vacation after the wedding to unwind!   We just wanted you both to know that words cannot express the shear joy a parent feels when their child’s dreams come true.  As parents you and Evan must know exactly how we feel.  Our daughter had only three wishes in regards to her wedding; #1 was her Vera Wang “Eliza” dress, #2 was that Holly Heider Chapple would be her floral designer and #3 was her choice for photographer/videographer.  Realistically, we were not optimistic when we realized how far away you and Evan really were; but we did not mention this to her.  To be honest, we probably would have driven to Leesburg if we needed to, but it was never and issue.  From the beginning you both bent over backwards to make this happen!  In an era where mediocrity seems to be the norm, your willingness to go above and beyond for our daughter (4 states away) was amazing.  Evan never skipped a beat and you were right there too to make sure her every wish and dream came true.  Your work is sheer MAGIC!  Your floral designs, from the bridal bouquet (1st with your signature sprig of ‘Holly’!) to the Chuppah and Reception groupings, captured Kelly’s personality and floral favorites as if you had known her all of her life. Our only regret was that you, Holly, were unable be with us to witness Kelly’s reaction when Evan open the bouquet box for her, and she saw her bridal bouquet for the first time!  I do believe Evan enjoyed this as much as I did!  We hope to meet you both in the future.  We owe you a visit after all of the driving and hard work that you both did for us!  A mere thank you does not accurately express the gratitude we feel for your exemplary customer service, hard work, willingness to go that extra (how many??)miles and artistic genius! But Thank you, to you and Evan, for being our Floral Fairy Godparents and making our daughter’s dreams come true!
Jane & Wayne 

You can bet I was crying when I got these emails. Kelly married on Friday at the Inn at Perry Cabin which is 3 hours from our home. Because I was busily designing the Saturday bridal bouquets I stayed behind and let Evan and Whitney deliver the wedding.  In actuality we jokingly called Kelly, Evans bride. Evan said he had hand selected her for me and that he knew in spite of the distance that this was a wedding we had to be a part of. Evan was in love with Kelly from the very first chat and he knew we had to work together. Knowing that she truly wanted our studio made this so worth our journey. Receiving these notes made me so incredibly grateful for the business we have created. Kelly was the first bride that Evan helped from start to finish and now he understands that complete sense of fulfillment.

Here are some pictures of the designs we created for Kelly and of designer Evan getting his amazing chuppah built on a windy and potentially rainy day!!!

Here is Kelly’s bridal bouquet…

and you may have noticed that I started a new signature with all of my bridal bouquets. If it’s a Holly Chapple bouquet, the bouquet will have a sprig of Holly tucked into the design. Kelly was the first bride to get our new signature Holly Chapple bouquet. Tucking in that little sprig of holly was so much fun, I have been planning on starting this tradition for many years.  On this particular day I rounded the house, saw the bush, and knew that Kelly’s bouquet was the day I would start this new chapter for our designs.

Go Evan go!!!!

We were truly blessed to work on this wedding!!!

Only a few short hours later I received this….


I wanted to send along this picture that someone took this weekend, this is the look on my face when I walked in to see the table settings and the cake floral.  I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for all of the work that you and your team did for our big day.

You made my dream wedding a reality, a fairy tale that everyone can’t stop talking about.  I am so unbelievably lucky to have worked with you and wanted to thank you quickly before I run off to the honeymoon.  Your thoughtful touches in my bouquet will be remembered forever.

I just am beyond words and hope you know how much the work you do shapes moments in people’s lives.

All the best to you and your family,


This was Jen’s bouquet and it was a stunner, it featured Belgium lace that I got while traveling in Europe.

Here is one van of the two van loads that headed to Jen’s wedding in DC.

Then bride Abby who received this bouquet sent this….


Thank you SO much for providing the flowers for our wedding this past weekend!  Everything was beautiful, and we received numerous compliments on the bouquets, centerpieces and welcome table arrangement.  We loved the colors and choices of flowers and knew that when we first booked you we would be thrilled with our wedding flowers.  Thank you for making it easy to just trust you and your expertise and be completely confident that the flowers would turn out exactly how we envisioned.  We couldn’t have asked for anything else – they were perfect.

Thank you again!

Abby Lillis and Tom

To say that I am pleased, thrilled, inspired, and super proud, would be a huge understatement, but I am most certainly grateful our work is appreciated!!!!

  • Alexandra Says: (06.05.2012 | 01:54)

    Thanks you’s are the best. A reminder that clients really do appreciate all the hard work.

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