It started like this, boxes, and boxes, of flowers arriving for this weeks Virginia Gold Cup Races.

The boxes and bundles were sorted per corp. customer. Our wedding flowers would arrive one day later giving us a chance to get the other flowers in water.

There were flowers everywhere…

and then we began to design.

and design…

and design!!!

Our shop is loaded with the most beautiful designs, red pieces, coral pieces, all white pieces, hot pink and orange pieces, blue and gold pieces, yellow pieces, white, black, and red pieces, white and silver pieces, purple and green pieces, hot pink and blue pieces, tropical pieces, cinco de mayo pieces, contemporary pieces, southwestern pieces, and let me tell you; this has been a PIECE of work!!!!

Getting all of the big designs in the cooler after we create them is mega hard, and the boys get to help with that. I think we have a total of 36 buffet designs that are this size or larger. We purposefully use this huge vase full of water to keep the designs weighted in case it’s a windy day!! When you have an outdoor event you have to be prepared for anything.


Congratulations to Whitney who designed her first buffet piece!!! We are all so proud of this designer girl!!!!

Wish us lots of luck tomorrow night, we have to get all of these flowers into vans at 2am because we have to be loaded up and on our way by 5am. We then have to get all of the flowers to the field at 6am and all tents must be decorated and ready for visitors at 10:00 am. GO TEAM CHAPPLE!!!

Big thanks also to Evan who spent the entire day draping fences and tent poles. He is awesome!! I am so proud of our entire team, everyone was awesome today and the energy was rocking in the shop. I hope we can keep it up for two more days!! One last thanks to the Chapel Designers who encourage and inspire me everyday. Thank you for believing in me!!!

  • Bev Mannes Says: (05.04.2012 | 03:27)

    Hmm- I think I see a lot of European influence in these 🙂
    Especially love the ones with the tropicals and curled ti leaves. Fabulous work.

  • Trish Van de Merkt Says: (05.04.2012 | 03:36)

    Yikes and more yikes! They are all so gorgeous! Good God a 2 a.m. load? You are my hero. Go RoboHolly!

  • Alicia Broehl Says: (05.04.2012 | 01:58)

    Go Holly Go! I’ll be thinking about you and your team tomorrow!! you guys are rock’n it ! We have a big wedding over here in Maryland tomorrow! lots of prayers for safe deliveries and happy clients all around!!

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (05.04.2012 | 05:00)

    Holly…do you wear a super hero cape?…..these florals are exquisite and truly an amazing fete! I wait everyday for your post just to see your next beautiful creation!

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