This picture is of Lieve, Isabel, Gudrun, and Laura. These four ladies were responsible for the incredible visit I had to Belgium and Holland.  Lieve, Isabel, and Gudrun make up the company Flora and Company also known as the Green Academy. Isabel has made it her mission to empower and recognize amazing floral designers, many of whom are from Belgium. Gudrun is one of the remarkable designers Isabel promotes but she is also a major part of Flora and Company. Lieve is the third link in this developing company. Lieve is the accountant, as well as administrator for Flora and Company and she is also a celebrated chef. All of these ladies are very good friends and their relationship is delightful to witness.  Laura is the owner of Faith Flowers here in the USA, Laura is the American link to Flora and Company.

This picture was taken outside of Gudrun’s home.

Me and Gudrun in her garden.

After a full day of designing with Gudrun in the cathedral, we walked to her home to find Lieve hard at work and ready to provide our gourmet supper.

A truly beautiful table had been set, the simplicity of the linens, the flowers, and the china absolutely pleased me to no end!!! I was in heaven in Gudruns home. I think perhaps my most favorite part about this trip was in addition to designing with these world renowned designers we were also invited guests into their homes. Seeing how they entertain was as inspiring as watching them design flowers.

Lieve took the time to explain each dish she created for us, her excitement was contagious.

Here Lieve is telling us the story of the white asparagus which seemed to be offered at almost every dinner.

Lieve also shared all of her recipes with us. This night was so much fun!!

There was one really sad thing about this evening. We had to say goodbye to Gudrun!! With two children and a business to run Gudrun would not be with us for the back half of the tour. I absolutely hated saying goodbye to her. Of all the people I met along the way Gudrun most certainly stole my heart the most. She taught me hundreds of things that I am excited to try here in my shop. Each time I make something or design something she taught me I will be sure to give her credit. You will see a lot of Gudrun coming out of my fingertips.

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