In the United States my resources for unique containers, design elements, and inspiration is very limited. Since yesterdays adventure was beginning with a trip to the supplier I was up bright and early. When I arrived at the wholesalers I came armed with my wallet and an extra suitcase. Today was the day I would be finding new inventory for our studio.

After a morning of shopping we spent the rest of the day designing with some of the top florists shops, or designers in the world. I will try to load those images tonight but I am starting to fall really behind on blogging.

By the end of the day yesterday I had gathered so many supplies or created so many bouquets I could barely carry my bounty through the door of the hotel. Yesterdays adventure had me out and about for 15 hours straight.  Today we are headed to Gudrun’s village. We are going to spend the day designing a  cathedral.  It’s going to be another amazing day.

  • Olga Says: (04.14.2012 | 07:07)

    Dear Holly,
    What an interesting trip do you have now, it so nice to read about your new impressions! Sorry for asking, don’t you know, if these suppliers have an online store? I’m looking for the interesting vases, but can’t find them here. Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

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