I am doing a lot of work to get prepared for this wedding season and it’s grueling. I work really hard, seriously, if I had known that it would be this hard to be a business owner of a floral design studio, I may have attempted another career. I truly fell into this career with the belief that it would be, oh so much fun to play with flowers. I could not conceive in my earlier days how big this business could or would become, and I most certainly did not ever believe I would be managing designers, blogging, emailing, and handling social media. Its been 20 years since I invented this career and things have most certainly changed. With all of this work and responsibility, I am so thankful for those moments when I am truly creating something out of my passion. I love how a design flows out of me, how my intuitive placement causes me to sigh or moan. I love when I find myself doing the happy dance because I have gotten my design just right. It sounds silly I’m sure, but that’s really what it’s like when I get a piece right, it’s a very enriching feeling. This feeling of joy is only matched when the images come in. YES!!!!!!! I love seeing my pretty things beautifully captured.

Recently I had the pleasure of working on a fabulous shoot. The images were photographed by Katie Stoops and the shoot was designed by the girls from Events In The City.  The pictures truly brought tears to my eyes.  When I see my work in photos, I realize I am good at this, I really am, and today I am super proud of that. There are days when all of the hard work is so worth it!!! So although I will I spend the rest of the day selling, contracting, emailing, blogging, and fighting for the blooms that I need for this weekends weddings, I am happy, content, and pleased with this beautiful work!!

I am currently obsessed with flower head pieces so creating this was very exciting, getting the photo was even better!!







My favorite light pink cabbage rose!!

Many thanks to the following artists that volunteered their time and artistic abilities to bring this beautiful story board to life. Being involved with something so beautiful always makes my heart sing!!

Photographer: Katie Stoops Photography
Event Designer: Events in the city
Venue: The Goodstone Inn
Makeup: Natalie Gordon of Avenue 42
Hair: Hair by Giselle
Cake: Macaroons by OCakes
Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier from Carine’s Bridal in DC
Garter Girl: The Garter Girl
Flowers: Holly Heider Chapple
Shoe Designer: Steve Madden
Stationery: Paperzest
Veil or Hair Accessories: Carine’s Bridal in DC
Prop or Furniture Rentals: DC Rental
Rentals: white couch & vintage pink velvet chair Rust Vintage Rentals
Calligraphy: Meant To Be Calligraphy
Dress stylist: Gabriella Lehimdjian from Carine’s Bridal in DC

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