Katie and Michael married this past summer at the Hotel Monaco in DC.   Katie had a beautiful sunflower wedding right in the heart of the city. The images of their wedding day were so perfectly captured by Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images. . Usually the pictures of my bride with her flowers are my favorite images, but on this day seeing my bride and groom with the red balloons absolutely stole my heart. Jennifer truly did an amazing job capturing this very handsome couple.

The grooms bout was created with a mini dahlia bud, berry, and green seeded euc.

The brides bouquet was created with sunflowers, dahlias, roses, seeded euc, and gomphrena. When I met with Katie for the flower consult she was so much fun. Katie very clearly told me she wanted a very rough bouquet. I handed her raw flowers and she held them across her arm and said “I want to carry them like this.” She asked if she could have the full length of the stem and she wanted the thorns and even the leaves on the stem. We compromised with a slightly cleaned up bouquet. I just could not see her carrying a bat with thorns. Thankfully she was very pleased with her design.

Maids carried similar bouquets bound with twine.

In spite of the fact that my precious bouquets are thrown on the ground, I LOVE this picture!! Is this really what happens to my pretty bouquets? One of them is even upside down!!

I loved the look of these bouquets and I loved the twine!!

Compote bowls were filled with moss and a mix of the days flowers.

This photograph captures the beauty of the Hotel Monaco DC.  I absolutely loved designing flowers for this venue!!

Happy married life Katie and Michael. I loved designing your flowers. I also really loved Katie’s mom!!

  • Anne Says: (03.28.2012 | 01:03)

    Beautiful as usual! I cringe every time I see what happens to the bouquets after the ceremony!! All that work!

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