Yesterday Evan and I set up a display at the Nova Simcha Event. These are the lovely creations we took to represent our studio. Our chuppah structure was decked out in blooming branches. Thanks to my friend Morgan at Petals and Hedges who shared her cherry blossom with me, and to Evan who cut some of the blooming peach branches from his mini orchard. The chuppah has never looked or smelled so fabulous.

We placed our table right under our chuppah structure and I filled the table with designs that were created with flowers I chose while shopping in the flower market of  NYC. Many of the designs also featured flowers from my garden and from Morgans yard.

It was fun to do this type of event with Evan. I am getting really used to having him by my side. It’s great to have someone to argue with…. just kidding!!!

My favorite piece of the day was my black compote bowl arrangement. I got the bowl and the design idea from taking a class with Ariella Chezar while I was in NYC. I brought the arrangement home and recreated it with fresh flowers. Some of the greens and ranunculus were the very same flowers that Ariella had given to me!!! They actually came home in my suitcase. No lie!!

I loved this bouquet, it was created with white lilac, dusty miller, cabbage roses, anemone, ranunculus, allium, astilbe, and tulips.

We looked good!!!!


  • Tracy Park Says: (03.19.2012 | 12:53)

    OHHH love this great job.. how did you get the flowers back from NY??

  • Alicia Says: (03.19.2012 | 02:43)

    Love the burgundy ranunculus with burgundy center orchid – awesome color combo.

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