We are just one week away from The Chapel Designers big trip to NYC. We have a group of 40 total that will be studying and hanging together in NYC. I have been dreaming about this trip for a long time but mostly I am thrilled that I will get to see my friend David Beahm again. I met David 3 years ago in San Francisco at an event called Wedding 360. During that trip he offered me help and support and he has never let me down. It’s hard to know someone as famous and wonderful and as giving as David. He is so generous with his knowledge and time that I always want to be careful not to disturb him. However each time I have adventured to the big city he has made time for me and my friends. I am beyond grateful that people like David exist. If it were not for David the first Chapel Designers trip to NYC would have been fairly lacking. His hosting of our group last year was incredible. We had a private tour of the flower market and a day to design in his studios. Due to the growth of our group ( we have doubled in size this year) a conference room in our hotel has become our best option, in fact I am finding it hard to even leave the hotel with this big crowd. Thankfully David will be coming by to visit with our group on Monday night. He has also arranged a tour for us at the flower market with one of his lead designers Jeremy Norman. I am so excited to see both of these fabulous designers again. The above picture is of David leading our group discussion last year, below is a picture of Jeremy.

I am also really excited about hitting the flower market and the fashion district, the shopping makes me giddy!!!

Now that most of the planning is done and our final arrangements have been made I can sit back and enjoy this final week as we prepare to head to NYC. I am so looking forward to seeing my old friends and meeting new ones. I will admit that the thought of hosting this party next year in my house seems very tempting. This very country girl has had one heck of a time planning a big event in NYC!!!! I have been so busy handling hotel blocks, catering contracts, speakers, and flower suppliers that I am most certainly ready for some fun!!!!


  • Amanda Mae Says: (03.02.2012 | 02:18)

    Holly – I hope you know how much your time and effort you’re putting into this trip is appreciated. You’ve created a dream come true for me, and others as well I’m sure. “Thank You” just doesn’t seem like enough. Can’t wait to meet you, and all the other Chapel Designers next week!

  • Tracy Park Says: (03.02.2012 | 03:18)

    You suck!!! LOL not really I wish I could go.. But maybe another time.. I am envious.. Wish me luck at Michigan Floral asso this weekend. cant wait to see all my flower peeps.

  • Peggy & Carol Says: (03.02.2012 | 03:30)

    Holly, Amanda said it incredibly well. You will never know fully how much we appreciate your time, effort, and dedication to making this trip a success for all. We have said it numerous times, but THANK YOU, again, and again and again! We can hardly wait to finally meet you and all the other designers!

  • Trish Says: (03.02.2012 | 04:59)

    Oh my gosh Holly! These photos made my heart beat so fast with the thought of getting to see David again. He may be the nicest person in the business. And the flower market and trim shops. I am 1 of the 40 luckiest people next week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Sara Says: (03.02.2012 | 05:02)

    Thank you so much Holly! I can’t wait to meet you and all the other great people that will be joining us in NYC!

  • Christie Says: (03.05.2012 | 02:46)

    I am so jealous but so happy that you all are going to get to have this wonderful trip! Have a great time!

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