6 months ago my husband Evan left his corporate job of 20 years and joined the Holly Heider Chapple Flowers team. This new phase of our lives has been amazing, wonderful, and enlightening. My-our business is really changing and for the better. Evan is very practical and meticulous and serious about responsiveness and organization. Brides and mothers are constantly commenting on how quick we are to reply and how helpful and wonderful Evan is. Prior to Evan being here answering emails was a true chore. Evan’s help here allows me to focus on design and the relationships I am developing with my brides and others in the wedding industry. His management of the business has been very freeing for me and now I take time to actually study my trade. Over the last six months we completed yet another record breaking year, added new props into our inventory, started a lighting and drape division of our company, did considerable construction on our home and flower shop, and in a few short weeks I will be traveling to New York City and then in April I will be going to Holland and Belgium to study floral design. I thought it would be annoying to have a boss ( or someone watching over me) but I am really enjoying sharing all of this responsibility. I appreciate the way he can get my artistic head out of the clouds and how he can make me focus. I am enjoying having Evan tell me what to do and I of course only listen if I feel like it!! I mean really, how much do I have to listen to him?

Just yesterday new soil arrived for the additional gardens Evan will create this year, this fresh rich soil is symbolic of all the growth around here. We are working on some really big projects and dreaming up some really big dreams. Today we even had a media crew here for a potential story and my good friend Genevieve Leiper came over to take our first professional head shots together.  Many thanks to Genevieve for capturing us today. Evan is also sporting his brand new designer hairdo and he is happily calling himself  “the big bad bald dad.”  This six months has flown by!!!

Wish us luck as we keep growing, changing, learning, and designing!!

  • Jennifer Walls Says: (02.25.2012 | 04:40)

    Love the head shots Holly! Gen did a great job capturing the two of you! I think my favorite is the two of you together but it’s hard to choose! Tell Evan his new “haircut” is a hit with the females! Good luck to two wonderful hardworking people that I totally admire!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (02.25.2012 | 04:50)

    Muah!! Love you two and so happy for your business partnership!

  • Barbara koskinen Says: (02.26.2012 | 01:25)

    You both have such sincerity, love and joy in your faces. The fact that you work so well and creatively together is not a surprise, but is true inspiration. Wish I could know you personally…..I have admired your designs, your success and your blog for quite a while and enthusiastically await new posts. Keep up the great work!

  • Brook Mowrey Says: (02.27.2012 | 12:53)

    Wonderful photos of both of you!

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