As many of you know I was off celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with my husband Evan. The trip was incredibly romantic and even spiritual. We spent a lot of time reflecting on the amazing blessings we have had in our first 25 years of marriage. The first days of the trip were all celebratory and exciting but as we got to the end of the week my heart started to hurt a little. Starting the second quarter century of marriage seems really scary. I don’t know what the next 25 years hold but it looks like it will be way more painful and full of loss. When you are newly married you plan for, and are excited for, the glory of children coming, new homes, and exciting firsts. This next season of married life we will see our children marry, leave home, and leave us. We will most certainly experience loss and I am a wimp when it comes to that.

During our trip my very wonderful husband took the time to seriously ask me for another 25 years of marriage. Knowing he wants this and is willing to work for another 25 years is worth a lot and it makes the future way less scary. I am serious when I say it was so special and I am a little less afraid about the future. With him by my side I am never alone and I am far more confident in me and in us.

Every day I help people begin a new life, a married life. I hope each couple understands the beauty of being married. Having someone by your side who helps you every day through the good times and the bad times. Being married is the greatest gift. Bad times will come it is for certain, as my mother says ‘it’s the bad times that make the good times so sweet.” This is the key… don’t quit during the bad times. Rely on each other and get to the other side. Get to the good stuff- it makes the journey so incredible and real!!!

Wow, I just made myself feel better!!! When I look back at the last 25 years I only remember the good stuff, but Evan and I did suffer many losses in our first 25 years and lots of heartache. Like every married couple, we experienced many instances of fear, pain, and insecurity. For example, we had 3 miscarriages and each time I thought my heart would shatter. But we held onto each other.  We got through it all and we feel  the blessings of staying together. Over those 25 years Evan also helped me to build this business, he was always behind the scenes helping me at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show, building us work spaces, coolers, storage sheds, or props. He also watched the children each weekend so that I could go to my weddings. If Evan had not been the partner that he was our studio would not be the success it is today.  One of the things that is most exciting about the next 25 years is that he is now full time working here to make Holly Heider Chapple Flowers an even better studio. Now we get to work together every day, which I consider one of the greatest blessings that has come our way!!

So here’s to the next 25 years, where we build even more, and we will build it stronger so that it can not be taken apart!!

  • Christie Says: (02.01.2012 | 02:32)

    This made me cry… congratulations!

  • Tracy Says: (02.01.2012 | 02:37)

    You guys are an inspiration. Here’s to a second quarter century of marriage that is just as rewarding and wonderful as the first!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (02.01.2012 | 03:16)

    So beautiful and true, Holly! This is also the time of life/marriage when several friends are giving up on marriage in search of a more exciting life that requires less work. I’m saddened for them and wish they were reading your post this morning. The deepest joy comes after the intense work, heart wrenching loss and tiring “routine” because we know we’ve fought for the relationship and honored our commitment to our spouse and the Lord. Thanks for the sweet words this morning. Congratulations…and I love you!

  • Terri Says: (02.01.2012 | 04:19)

    My parents were married 60 years before my father died unexpectedly. Sadly, I fear a long marriage will eventually be a rarity in the U.S. Congratulations to both of you–may your blessings be many and your heartaches few as your start the next 25 years.

  • Lauryn Says: (02.02.2012 | 09:30)

    Holly, the second 25 years are for grandbabies!! (and lucky for you little Grace still has a long time before you worry about her leaving the nest!) Congratulations to you and Evan for still being so in love after 25 years and 7 children!

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  • Olga Says: (02.07.2012 | 12:47)

    Dear Holly!

    Congratulations on your great anniversary!!! Each time i think of your family, I realize that you are a real family and a good example for all of us. And not only having a family but also doing business with the family is ten times better))))

    Im sure next quarter will bring you the best we can think of and we wish you that from all our hearts! More brides, more bright experiences and good friends around!

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