It’s late at night and I’m all alone. Almost all of my contracts are written and I find myself ready and waiting for 2012. I am about to celebrate 25 years of marriage. My oldest child will marry this year and my baby will soon be 3. I am feeling something none other than fulfillment. My life is extremely rich and full. It’s full¬† of ¬†love and passion, a passion for the life I have built, my marriage, my children, and my business. It all seems to be working and I am so excited about our life. Evan and I are headed out to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and yes we are going away ALONE!! That first picture is of the cabana at the end of the pierre where we will be staying. Insert us right inside!!!

I am not sure how I got to be so lucky but I am thankful beyond belief. Evan and I have made it for 25 years. We truly were two really young and very scared kids 25 years ago and somehow we made it work. The last six months working with my husband have been incredible. I am so lucky to have Evan here with me every day. I am so thankful I have my 7 beautiful and healthy kids, fabulous and supportive parents, and the whole entire Heider and Chapple clan. This year my parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage, Evan and I will celebrate 25 and our oldest will marry. It’s going to be a good year. I am grateful that I heart and soul, love what I do, and that my thirst for the life I am leading is never quenched.

Over the next few days while Evan and I are sitting in that cabana, I will be featuring the work of other designers. In addition to our family, flower business, and crazy life, I have started a group called the Chapel Designers. Each of these designers services the wedding industry with amazing florals, hence the name Chapel Designers. This incredible group of floral designers will be gathering this March in NYC. Each one of these talented artists inspires and challenges me to be a better designer and business owner each day. I hope you enjoy seeing the work of my dear friends. Until I return, here’s a picture of our greatest accomplishment.

Lots of love, Evan and Holly.

  • Kelley Cannon Says: (01.20.2012 | 03:51)

    25 years! You are such an inspiration, Holly- wonderful mom, wife, business woman! You do so much to build up others in the industry and keep in touch with what’s most important in life. Here’s to 25+ more incredible years of all the things you love!

  • Kristin Regen Says: (01.20.2012 | 05:01)

    Congratulations, Holly and Evan!! 25 years of marriage alone is such a huge accomplishment, and you’ve added so many other things into the mix. You are an inspiration!! Have an amazing time on your getaway!!

  • Janice Says: (01.20.2012 | 05:34)

    Wow, 25 years! Congratulations! (btw, that’s a beautiful picture of you and Evan) This is really amazing Holly – we can’t say enough about how great and inspiring you are to your family, friends, and other designers in so many ways. I’m sure your 25th anniversary celebrations will be incredible. Hugs~~

  • Anne Robert Says: (01.20.2012 | 06:48)

    I already commented on this on FB but had to say you are amazing once more!

  • Laura Williams Says: (01.20.2012 | 08:51)

    Congratulations on 25 years, you are such an inspiration to us all and I only hope that on my 25th anniversary I have acomplished as much as you have as a husband wife team.
    Have a wonderful time soaking up the sun!
    P.S. – It would be fun to see your wedding bouquet!

  • Kristin Rose Says: (01.21.2012 | 02:33)

    We haven’t even met yet, but reading your blogs I have to agree with you. The word “fulfillment” doesn’t even begin to cover it. A great marriage, beautiful children, wonderful talent, a successful business that not only highlights your talents but the talents of others-wow! I think the best part is that you really seem to be taking the time to stop, and appreciate the wonderful things in your life. It’s inspirational to see a successful woman in business reflect on the fruits of her labor-no apologies or false modesty. You deserve to sit on the beach with your husband, take a deep breath and let the happiness of this moment in time wash over you. Well done and enjoy your anniversary!

  • Andria Ibanez Says: (01.21.2012 | 06:24)

    What a beautiful love story you have to share! It’s so cool how you now get to work so close to your best friend & love- blessing couples on the first day of their marriage. Thanks for sharing in your blog. I love that you shared a picture of your “greatest accomplishments”, your children- what a happy bunch!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (01.21.2012 | 06:46)

    So excited for you guys to be ALONE to enjoy one another and relax! You are such an inspiration to so many. I’m truly blessed to know and love you, Holly. Have fun!

  • janet Says: (01.22.2012 | 04:53)

    Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary! I hope that one day my husband and I will have a family as full and beautiful as yours!

  • Christina Says: (01.24.2012 | 12:34)

    Happy, happy anniversary! You and Evan have built a beautiful life together. Here’s to seeing what exciting things the next 25 years hold! Congratulations! xoxo

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