Chelsea and Damien married this past November at the Westin in Georgetown. Their orange, purple, and white wedding flowers were designed by our studio Holly Heider Chapple Flowers.  The photographs from this wedding were taken by photographer Theresa Choi. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of working with Theresa and each time I have been enthralled with her work.

In truth the colors of this wedding were dark, dark, orange and dark, dark, purple, mixed with white. The dark tones were the operative words, we were not using any medium toned purples or oranges for this wedding and certainly no lavender or peach. I was in all honesty terrified to make this bridal bouquet. I combine orange and purple flowers together all of the time, but I am rarely asked to add in the white. Had the purples and oranges been softer shades the transition to white would have been easier. Dark dark purple mixed with white can look as harsh as black to white. I knew when I started designing I would have to be careful about how I transitioned from the dark purples to the whites. Hesitantly I started to create Chelsea’s bouquet, as I started to design I think I had divine intervention from the flower gods. I somehow started a pattern of color blocking and as it came together all of my fears diminished and I was squealing with delight. The very bouquet that I was afraid to design became one of my favorite creations of the year. Getting all of these designs perfect was really important to me, I adored this bride and the brides mother. Thankfully the clients had given me some creative freedom to bring their designs to life. When asked, they allowed me to add dusty miller and silver brunia into the designs, and this helped with the transition in color. The grey gave me some medium tones to work with. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of this bouquet and how thankful I am that Theresa captured Chelsea’s beautiful bouquet so perfectly.

Love these first look images!!

Full lush centerpieces were created with dark purple stock, dark purple carnations, purple anemones, orange roses, purple orchids, white hydrangea, silver brunia, dusty miller, and white roses.

The truly extraordinary cake was designed by Maggie Austin and many thanks also to the planning firm Kelley Cannon Events for their perfect execution of this event.

Guests clearly enjoyed the photo booth!!

Happy married life Chelsea and Damien. Thank you for allowing me this chance to design for you. Many thanks also to MOB for truly being a delight and for letting me be a part of your daughters big day. Your tears of delight over our flowers will always be remembered and appreciated.

day of coordination : Kelley Cannon Events

photographer : Theresa Choi

hair : Rachel Corey

makeup : Ryan Krasney

florist : Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

ceremony/reception : The Westin Georgetown

dj : Chris Laich

cake : Maggie Austin Cake

photobooth : NOVA Photo Booth

second photographer : Muriel Silva

  • Theresa Choi Photography Says: (01.19.2012 | 05:10)

    Holly, I was so impressed with your floral design once again and pleased to have worked with you for the second time! Please continue doing what you’re so great at! 🙂

  • janet Says: (01.19.2012 | 10:48)

    What a difficult color palette! I would have been terrified, but you totally rocked it!

  • Carrie Says: (01.20.2012 | 03:33)

    I love you, Holly. If I had ten more daughters to marry off after Chelsea, they would all have Holly Chappel flowers – and LOTS of them!! All you other mothers of the bride – do yourself a huge favor and work with Holly! She is, of course, brilliant at what she does – but more importantly, such an incredible woman to know! I wish I lived closer, so that I could just walk in her door and soak up a little of the beauty and joy around there whenever I felt like it 🙂

    • Holly Chapple Says: (01.20.2012 | 04:00)

      You of course are welcome here any time. It truly meant the world to me to please you!!! I feel rich and truly blessed!!!!

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