Happy New Year!!! 2011 was a truly remarkable and fabulous year for our family and our business. As we move into 2012 I am excited and hopeful that our family will continue to enjoy the blessings of 2011. One of the many things we look forward to in 2012 is the wedding of Alex and Mallary. It’s true I am going to be a mother of the groom. My oldest son Alex will marry his childhood sweetheart this fall. Miss Mallary has been hanging with our family since she was 14 years old, and this fall after 9 years of dating they will marry at a beautiful historic property in Loudoun County called SilverBrook Farm. We are so honored and thrilled to be adding this wonderful young lady to our clan, not to mention her wonderful parents and siblings as well. Seeing these fabulous engagement photos taken by my dear friend Geneveieve Leiper has made me realize that this day is really coming and very soon.

If you’re thinking Alex and Mallary look like a certain famous royal couple that married in 2011, we have heard this many times before. You can also bet that this wedding is as epic in our minds as the royal wedding.

Many thanks to Genevieve Leiper who captured these incredible engagement photos. We are so honored that she will be photographing our very special couple and that she will be with us the day I become an MOG.  I am also laughing at the similarity of MOG and OMG!!!!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (01.01.2012 | 10:07)

    OMG!! (just had to say that to the MOG) Love these pictures! Congratulations…can’t wait to hear all about the wedding!

  • Linda DiFrancesca Says: (01.02.2012 | 04:29)

    Holly, What a wonderful way to start out 2012!! Enjoy the journey !

  • dot Shetterly Says: (01.03.2012 | 09:44)

    Holly, I am so excited about Alex and Mallary being married at Silverbrook Farm and my spending time with the MOG

  • Jackie Smith Says: (01.17.2012 | 04:19)

    Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to see what you will come up with for this wedding:) I will be coming in shortly for an appt. with my future daughter-in-law (I, too, am a mog)! Jackie

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