We are happy to report the safe arrival of Benjamin, who was born to one of our favorite couples Kristin and Jeff. Baby Benjamin was born on Dec. 13th weighing 7lbs 9 oz. Kristin and Jeff married almost 2 years ago and thankfully we are still sharing in their joy. Photographer Michelle Lindsay was the photographer the day of the wedding and she was also the photographer who took these beautiful newborn pictures. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my couples become parents!! Kristin thank you for staying a part of my life and I know Michelle considers photographing your sweet baby a huge honor. Life is good, and your baby is yet another reason to celebrate!! I am beyond grateful that he is here safe and that you both will now be enjoying parenthood.

This baby is a huge reason to celebrate!! P.S. This last picture is my favorite, because he is wrapped up in your wedding colors!! Did you do that on purpose?

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