As I may have mentioned we were rocking it again last weekend. We were at Whitehall twice, a polo field in the Plains VA, like maybe 100 times, we had two pick ups, one delivery at our little church and two weddings in Rockville Md. Oh boy was it a busy and wild ride!!! The above bridal bouquet went to Chetwood which is the polo field wedding. We also did a huge rehearsal dinner at this venue on Friday night and you can see that in my “in the cooler” post from Friday. Please go see that post because Evan did an amazing hanging lantern display. I am so proud of him!!!

The couple married at this altar Evan and I created. Yes, in addition to everything else we did last weekend we were slinging hay, straw actually. We also used big mums, pumpkins and gourds from my fathers country store.

They dined at this amazing table that was 88 feet long. Yes you heard me right 88 feet long, seriously outrageous!!!!  The wedding was planned and designed by Lisa Schulz of the Posh Planner

Evan was hired to turn the garage at Chetwood into a fun dance space. The Cake cutting and cocktail hour happened here as well. The little garage over looked the pool and the farm. Evan made it so beautiful!!!

I adored our place card design we created!!!

As soon as I finished at Chetwood I headed straight to Whitehall for our golden pumpkin, pheasant feather wedding. We also did a wedding at Whitehall on Friday that is also in the Friday post. Told you were racing!!!! The above bridal bouquet features a little grass called bunny tails and I just love them.

This wedding was such a soft and romantic representation of the fall. I loved this look and I can’t get over those golden pumpkins. I really had my thinking cap on when I came up with that!!! I am off to a consult so I will give you Sundays weddings tomorrow!!!

  • Rachel Merkle Says: (10.26.2011 | 12:23)

    Your blog posts are a highlight of my day! Such beautiful work, I’m literally addicted to reading

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