The week started out really awesome with a free day for me and Evan. We made it to Ikea for our very first buying trip in search of some new finds.¬†We were in hot pursuit of some lanterns for some upcoming events. Wow, talk about sensory overload. We also popped by a car dealer ship to check on a new cargo van for our business. Much to my delight the day ended with us buying the new cargo van for our studio. Things have been going really well here since Evan started helping manage the business so this new van was quite a surprise and a reward. I would have never dreamed 3 months ago that things would be going this well. Here is a fun photo of me and the flower shop girls in the new van. 15 minutes later it went on its first job to daddies farm to get….

hay. As you can see we are breaking the new van in fast and furious.

We made lots of lovely and inspired designs this week. We arranged in vintage wooden boxes, silver tea pots, moss containers, iron candlesticks, and I finally got to design in my antique copper pots.

We used peacock feathers in one wedding and another wedding featured pheasant feathers. We had lots of designer thrill going on around here.

Midday today I delivered this beautiful wedding to Whitehall. The wedding featured 3 different types of centerpieces. Once this was set up I headed out to the Plains Va., where Evan also known in my eyes as Mr. Wonderful was hanging lanterns. Yes, the lanterns we bought at Ikea. When I arrived I truly cried. What Evan had created was so beautiful I could hardly believe my eyes. Of course the table that Lisa of The Posh Planner designed also was a beauty. I got to do the flowers or should I say wheat, thistle, and potted herbs.

The rehearsal dinner was held at a pavilion at a private residence. Evan had strung over 60 lanterns for this dinner. The table went on for 44 feet. Guests dined while watching a polo match and they enjoyed fresh rolled cigars.

After we finished setting up the rehearsal dinner we went to check out the ceremony site.

To create this ceremony space, I hit up daddies horse farm and farmers market. We moved in 30 bales of straw and boxes of pumpkins and gourds to create this beautiful space.

Evan and I completely designed this space together and it was truly so much fun. I absolutely love this picture of Evan, you can clearly see that he is enjoying his creation. Designer buzz!!! He is so getting hooked into this.

In addition to the lanterns and the ceremony site. Evan completely covered the garage of this estate with white twinkle lights, and fabric. He is so talented, I can barely stand it!!

Tomorrow we will be setting this wedding up and then heading to Whitehall for our pheasant feather wedding. I should actually do an In The Cooler post on Sat. night as well because we have two more really wonderful and fabulous events on Sunday. So as you can see we had another calm and relaxing week around here. Nighty night!!!

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