We did it again, another incredible record breaking week!!! We have so many designs created that I am absolutely astounded at all that we accomplished.  At one point today we had flowers in the living room, in the driveway, in the shop and of course in the cooler. This week did have it’s challenges with two of our designers sick, and of course more delayed product but we pulled it off again. We did however miss Debbie and Megan completely. By 8:00pm tonight we had 3 vans loaded and ready for our 7:00am delivery tomorrow to the VA. Gold Cup Races. We also did two weddings today and we are ready for all of our weddings tomorrow.  Thanks to a late shipment from Fed Ex, I just stayed up late to whoop out two more fantastic and inspired bridal creations so we are ready!!!!!!!! Here are some quick pictures of our creations, the shop, and some of the happenings!!

This was for our dietitian bride, this bouquet and bout was so much fun to design. I used carrots, brussels sprouts, string beans, okra, purple peppers, asparagus, cabbages, sage, mint, rosemary, roses, dahlias, nasturtiums and berry to create these designs.

This wedding was for our fitness bride, she married at Lansdowne Resort today!!

Some of the girls.

Gold Cup Designs.

Grace supervising the late arrival of my David Austin roses, via Fed Ex at 8:30pm tonight. Talk about pins and needles. Thankfully they have now been converted into bridal bouquets.

Yep, I know amazing!!!!

Now I am headed to bed, I get five whole precious hours of sleep. Wish us luck tomorrow and safe travels. I will have lots of petals on the road tomorrow and being the mother of so many creations can be a little scary!!


  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (10.15.2011 | 04:59)

    Good luck and have a great day out there! I’m thinking of my good friend Trish out here in Chicago that had some huge hurdles to overcome this week but I know she will do great tomorrow as any good designer. As I usually like to say GO GET EM’

  • Denise Benda Says: (10.16.2011 | 06:53)

    Wow you amaze me….sleep!?!? Who needs any stinkin’ sleep!?!?! 🙂

  • carlene Says: (10.16.2011 | 11:06)

    You are amazing!!! My dietitian bouquet was a huge hit at the wedding. It was beautiful,fun,and for my personality to a t! Will be Emailing you pictures from our photographer soon. Thanks again!

  • Kristine Says: (10.17.2011 | 02:47)

    Holly, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! They were absolutely amazing and took my breath away. You are the best!!!!

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