Today was awesome!! In a earlier blog post today I announced our Chapel Designers 2012 NYC trip. I am excited to say that we had lots of interest in the trip and many designers have signed up. The trip to NYC had us totally excited today but the real gift or buzz of the day was the arrival of almost 200 dahlias from Don. This shipment was super fun because we got to see some varieties that we have not yet worked with. We are doing an orange, hot pink, and red wedding on Sunday and because each design can be slightly different we bought the dahlias in bulk. This shipment of dahlias is the second delivery from Don this week or actually maybe it’s the third.

This dahlia was the star of the day. It was so big that we were comparing it to Gabby’s six month baby bump.

In addition to our bright colorful wedding, we have a beautiful soft peach and green wedding.

These flowers will become the bridal bouquet first thing tomorrow morning. Yep, that’s right I am waiting until tomorrow to design this bouquet.  I am such a slacker!!!

A really LITTLE place card arrangement!!

Here are the bouquets for our wine and taupe toned wedding. Unfortunately the rest of this wedding is hidden in the back of the cooler and I could not get you a sneak peak!!

We also have an orange, white, and gray wedding.

As you can see it was another full and amazing week here at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers.  Oddly enough I will end this post with Sami’s bouquet from last weekend.

This bouquet was taken out of water and given to our bride Sami at 2:30 in the afternoon last saturday. At the end of the wedding the wedding planner asked me to bring the bouquet back to my flower shop. We arrived back in the studio at 1:30 in the morning. The bouquet was out of water almost 12 hours.  3 days later my friends at Waterford Past Thymes were contracted to pick up the bouquet. When they came to get this bouquet it had been out of water for 12 hours, been used for countless photos and of course was a part of an important ceremony. It was 5 days old and it still looked incredible. This photograph and this story speaks so strongly about the quality of our designs. I am so proud of all that we create, accomplish, and design around here!!

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