My bride Allie, married her groom Ben, this past weekend at Woodend Sanctuary. Allie was an incredibly easy bride to work with, we met only once. On that day we discussed a list of flowers, textures, and colors that she loved. The bridesmaids dresses were ordered to be a wine toned red with a plum undertone. When the maids dresses came in from the designer they were actually a brighter red than we had initially believed they would be. Allie being one not to worry trusted that I could pull it all together with the flowers we had previously chosen and with the flowers that she truly loved. She asked that I do what I could to pull it all together, in other words she gave me some creative freedom. Yes, I can do miracles with that… Oddly enough it was a true blessing, had we both known how red the maids dresses were going to be we may have felt compelled to put a lot of red into the designs. What happened was an incredibly beautiful and unique combination of tones that I loved!!!!!! This was such a refreshing and clever color pallet. We used taupe toned roses, plum tones, deep purple and wine tones, and some subtle hits of wine red. When I handed Allie the bridal bouquet I heard the sweetest sigh of appreciation and my heart skipped a beat. What a pleasure this is, to put into the hands of a bride, the flowers she will carry on her wedding day. She simply said, I knew I would love it even though I had no idea how it would look. In fact she said when people asked her what color flowers she was using she often would say I am not really sure. Is that trust or what?  Because of this odd mix of trust and a change in the color of the maids dresses we ended up with designs that were ridiculously perfect.

I love this picture because you can see the delight in her eyes!!! She had so much fun seeing her surprise creation. We gave our bride Allie more of the dark wine and plum tones, and the maids carried more of the taupe colored roses and the neutral taupe color of the scabiosa pods.

Allie had requested lots of texture and succulents, and that I most certainly gave her. I used quick silver roses, silver finesse roses, blue viburnum berry, silver brunia, dusty miller, sea star fern,  scabiosa pods, scabiosa flowers, Don’s dahlias, and the mini succulents from California.  I was so happy to be creating a unique design!!

The grooms bout featured a spray rose, berry, mini succulents, and a scabiosa pod.

We designed flowers in small bird cages. These were hung from shepherds hooks to decorate the aisle. Woodend is a protected bird sanctuary so this was a nice little nod to the venue.

Another reason my bride was incredibly laid back and at peace, was because she was working with the lovely girls from Pineapple Productions. These planners handled fun little details like hanging pictures on this tree and setting out place cards. I even saw them blowing up a huge inflatable monkey for the photo booth. You have to love a wedding planner who is willing to tackle inflatable props!!!

Our place card table design was created in a container we made of moss and birch. In fact we made all of the moss containers or props for this wedding in our studio.

A large design was created for the outdoor coffee table this was done by covering floral styrofoam boards with green sheet moss. We then anchored in cylinders with floating willow and candles and lots of succulents and mini floral designs.

The same design was created on a smaller scale for the sweet heart table. LOVING THIS!!!

Little mini designs with succulents sat on the moss and birch platform. The rest of the centerpieces were gatherings of our famous wooden boxes and more of the moss platform design.

This was a truly beautiful wedding and we were delighted with our final results!!

Happy married life Ben and Allie, we loved designing the flowers for your wedding!!

  • Amanda Mae Says: (09.06.2011 | 04:07)

    LOVE all that texture! How beautiful!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (09.06.2011 | 06:33)

      Glad you like it!!

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