This is the week, the week we have been waiting for!!! We have two fabulous weddings and we are delighted to be playing with billy balls, and succulents, lots and lots of succulents. This Sunday’s wedding is very special and its for “my boys.” You know how I name my brides, well this wedding is about “my boys”!!!! I have two fabulous groom’s on Sunday. This wedding has been in the planning process for many months. In fact I bought many of their containers and decor items when I was in NYC in March.  Their wedding features billy balls and succulents with a contemporary vibe and feel. I love this couple and I am so honored and thrilled to be providing these unique, sexy, and killer designs to their wedding. Due to the size of their event we declined all other inquiries for many months. After perfectly planning and preparing for their wedding I was approached to take on yet another wedding. Because the boys were under control and because the boys were marrying on Sunday I added a Saturday wedding to the agenda. Deciding how many events we can do in a weekend is always based on the size of the order and the amount of designs we will be creating. 1 large wedding is similar to doing 5 smaller orders. Our Saturday wedding also happened to be about succulents. Holy Holly, am I lucky or what, I got to have two succulent weddings in one weekend.

Our Sat. wedding features crimson, wine, and taupe tones with the succulents.

The bridal bouquet was created with navy viburnum berry, dark purple scabiosa, quicksand roses, silver finesse roses, silver brunia, scabiosa pods, and Don’s dark purple dahlias. The bouquet truly made me squeal with delight!!

Maids bouquets were created with slightly less color than the bridal bouquet.

We wrapped a cylinder glass vase with moss and birch bark to create this container for our place card table design.

Our vintage wooden boxes were used for half of the centerpieces, and we created this amazing centerpiece platform for the other tables.

We started with a styrofoam board that was covered with sheet moss. We made indentations in the foam to hold the glass cylinder vases. The vases were filled with curly willow tips and tomorrow we will fill the vases with water and candles. Flower arrangements and succulents will be placed between the cylinders to complete the design. I am so excited about these pieces.

We will line the aisle with shepherds hooks and hang these bird cage designs from the hooks. Wow this is going to be awesome!!!

Now about my boys…

I know, its mesmerizing isn’t it!!! 20 tables will feature 5 to 7 gatherings. Each table will be slightly different but all will be over the top!!

Many thanks to my amazing husband Evan, he poured me 140 small concrete pots for our place card table. Each pot was planted with a mini succulent or air plant. A chrome plant stake will be added to each pot with the guests name and table assignment.

These big beauties will also be placed on the place card table. We also have chrome lanterns for all of the windows of the reception and at least 75 chrome bud vases. We are rocking this one.

Everything is so perfectly delicious and sexy. I am so excited to deliver this weekends weddings. I am also thankful that today everything is looking a okay, on Weds. you could have heard me scream 6 states away. 1700 billy balls arrived for our boys all rotten and molded, it was one last stab from Irene the hurricane. It seems our flowers sat in the NYC airport waiting to fly. Thankfully I have many sources and I went into 911 action. One of my wholesalers literally sent harvesters into the fields to cut me 1.700 billy balls. The other wholesaler, who’s product was bad also went into 911 action and because I covered my bases twice we ended up with double the billy balls. So you could say I am rich in succulents and billy balls this weekend, I will use the extra flowers to make the chuppah extra extraordinary. Now because our work is done, and this post is going live, I am going up to bed and do what any good wedding addicted designer would do with some free time…

Nighty night!!!

  • Sprout Says: (09.03.2011 | 02:51)

    I’m laughing, because I too have the latest martha mag waiting to be read!

  • jaime Says: (09.05.2011 | 11:26)

    I was at the “boys” wedding- you did such a beautiful job!! the flowers were unreal.

    • Holly Chapple Says: (09.06.2011 | 02:22)

      I am so glad you liked the wedding, we loved working with them and I will have their blog post up on Weds!!!

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