When I look back on this week, I can’t believe all that we have done as a family and as a business. I am sorta shell shocked right now!!!! This week we celebrated Sam’s 5th birthday.

As you can see Miss Grace was happily listening to the birthday song!!

We took our annual first day of school picture in front of the red door with the four big kids and miss Gracie, who had just woken up. The boys were still sound asleep when we headed out of town for JMU.

We dropped off our girls at college. They went prepared with fabulous art in hand, created by Miss Hannah Chapple. As we left the girls at JMU there was apparently an earthquake. I keep telling everyone it was my heart splitting wide open as we left them. Evan and I, did not feel the earth move, but we did notice a great big whole in our family.

Evan worked on some of his new lighting inventory for upcoming events and he tried his best to help me find some balance. This new dance of us working together is strange, weird, often wonderful, and sometimes downright annoying. We went antiquing in several states. We have outrageous new inventory for the flower shop and for our space at On A Whim antiques. Our work was featured on The Brides Cafe, Snippet & Ink, and Style Me Pretty. Lets say we soared through the blogasphere. A birdie also told me we will have a nice little feature in the Washington Post Magazine this weekend.  I am pretty blown away by all of this!! I am also shocked that while I am loosing it as a mom, my business keeps on, and on.

Another of this weeks big successes were Evan’s awesome table numbers. One of our brides needed these for tomorrow and we had to come up with something for her and fast. Evan took an old birch log we had from a past event and cut birch slabs for each table. This was one of those times this week he was way less annoying, and far more wonderful.  In addition to cutting all of the boards he painted all of the numbers as well. Since he did that so beautifully, being a great wife and business partner I asked for a little more. I also had him drill a mini whole in all of the numbers and they can now act as a mini bud vase. Yep, I think I will keep him.

We now have 19 of these beauties!! We should open an Etsy shop. Nope just kidding, we have enough to do.

These charming boxes were made for the place cards and a bark wire finial was created for each card.

Each of our bouquets were adorned with these fabulous medallions by Glen Elm Studios, in MD.  Each piece of pottery featured the wedding date and a lovely little bird. The potter is actually the brides aunt.

For this berry toned wedding we pulled out our vintage wooden boxes and our wooden lanterns. I am in love with these centerpieces and I am certain they will be perfect on the tables tomorrow.

We also have a beautiful green, blue, and white wedding tomorrow. These designs are clean, bright, and crisp. Each piece is fabulous but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures from this event. My camera freezes if I shoot to much “in the cooler.” That of course is incredibly ironic!!

Okay that it’s it for me, I have to get to bed. I have a football game tomorrow at 8:30 am. and then I am going to hopefully deliver our weddings in lovely sunny weather. Lets sleep tight and pretend that a hurricane named “Irene” is not coming anywhere near our home/ flower shop, my brides, or our weddings.

  • Jennifer Walls Says: (08.27.2011 | 04:38)

    Love the birch and the flowers Holly! My Geoff left for IUP on Monday and I miss him too! 🙁 Just remember they’ll be home for the holidays! 🙂 Poor Genevieve and Gray had to go to Scranton to shoot a wedding tomorrow. I’m praying they stay safe…too close to the hurricane for me to rest easy and not worry about them!
    Take care!

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (08.28.2011 | 02:45)

    Beautiful as always, all very pretty! When the flower business is so very busy, maybe it leaves a little less time for worry. Worry isn’t productive. But as Moms, we will always worry and miss our kids!

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