After months and months of planning today is finally the day!!! We hope you will enjoy our latest project, the new The Full Bouquet blog. Because the blog has become such a huge part of who we are, I felt it needed to be truly designed and perfected. I wanted our blog to be as lovely as one of our amazing bouquets.  Because it was impossible for someone else to portray our look, we decided that we had to create the design for this blog in house. The decision to do this would not have been possible if had not been for my miracle brides.

Casey who I sometime call  my “personal everything,” helps here with consultations, emails, contracts, styling, and hopefully soon blogging. She began by helping me create a vision and a plan for the blog. We started with things that make me happy, a real life inspiration board. I love looking back on these pictures. The sketch was created by Elodie before she went back to Paris. I wanted to have a brooch on the new blog.

Casey also shared with me the fabric she hoped to use for her wedding, and that became the background of the blog. Casey drew the scissors, tags, and one of the picture frames for the blog. She also helped with some of the flowers in Full Bouquet logo.  The day after we decided to design the blog ourselves we had a meeting with upcoming bride Rachel. Rachel’s wedding invitations were so amazing that I happened to ask who designed them. Rachel replied, “me I am a graphic artist,” and the rest is now history.  Oddly enough in less then 24 hours the stress of the new blog disappeared and Rachel, Casey, and I, created the logo and the pages in under two weeks. Rachel designed the logo, drew the birds, and pretty much came up with the layout. She also thought of the little sketched circles around each highlighted area in the navigation. She created layers of the art and the files, which was something I would have never been able to do.

The project was then turned over to Flosites who helped to bring my very big wishes to life. I dreamed of inspiration boards and fancy galleries, all of which they delivered. I believe we are the very first flower blog to offer this ability. My hope is that this blog can become a resource for brides everywhere. You will find flowers categorized, and tagged throughout the blog and you will be able to pair them with dresses, linens, and create amazing inspiration boards. I truly hope the new blog is loved by you all, as it is my latest baby!!!

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  • Christina B. Says: (05.04.2011 | 11:29)

    Love it, Holly! Congratulations 🙂

  • Lotte Says: (05.04.2011 | 12:11)

    love the new layout! it all looks gorgeous and is the icing on the cake for all your amazing creations. looking forward to reading more posts as always x

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (05.04.2011 | 01:23)

    YOU DID IT!!! And it’s beautiful and perfect…
    I’m so happy for you, proud of you and blessed to call you friend. Hope your day is fabulous!

  • Amy Martin Says: (05.04.2011 | 02:30)

    Yay!! I’m looking at it from my phone but it looks awesome!

  • birdbride Says: (05.04.2011 | 02:39)

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Can’t wait to explore more and play with the inspiration board (I was just starting to create one for our next meeting — and then you read my mind here!) CONGRATS on this new and beautiful chapter!

  • Collins Metu Says: (05.04.2011 | 03:08)

    Congratulations on the new blog Holly! It looks fantastic. 🙂

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