Many of you have asked how our French designer Elodie is doing. If you followed the blog last year you know we had the pleasure of having Elodie Perrier here. She came to live with us for 6 weeks to see the wedding industry in the United States. Over Spring break I heard from Elodie, In fact I think I wrote her when all of the kids were home and said we were missing just one of the clan. I received this note and pictures of her and the floral design studio she is working in. Elodie is working for Martin Fleurs in Nice and the pictures she sent make me dream of a trip to France.

I absolutely love that green ornamental grass in that bouquet she is holding. I would love, love, love to have that weekly here.

Her note to us…

Hello Holly and all the familly!


I am happy you are all gathered for holidays.

I notice on your blog you didn’t really stop working during winter. That means your business is growing! It’s a great thing.

Here you can find some pictures about my work.

I live and work in the heart of ” NICE ” in south west of France. The flower shop is called “Martin Fleurs”. It has been created in 1883 !!! It’s a very old instititution.

it was not easy at the begenning, to arrive in a new city, but now, I am happy in Nice. I met great people, some good friends.

I enjoy my life here. Hey you can tell to Gaby I practice zumba for one month and I love it. So much fun, a great atmosphere between people in the class. I also started beach volley 2 hours on monday, very intense.

Regarding work I’m a bit sad not to to weddings.. We have very small ones coming for summer but nothing compare to what I have done with you!!!


I am very glad you will write something about me on your blog that I follow as much as facebook!

Frenchy bisous to everyone.

speak you soon;-)


Just so you know biscous means kiss in French, and we would always say biscous when we parted. It was one of the fun things I learned from Elodie.

These designs are so amazing…

Here is a picture of Elodie designing in our studio and another of us in NYC.

Getting to know Elodie was on of my greatest pleasures. Hopefully someday I can go to France to design with Elodie.

Elodie is one of the original Chapel Designers.


  • Morgan Walker Says: (04.20.2011 | 09:27)

    So good to see Elodie is doing well!! Let me know when you plan a trip to France!!! I want to go too!! 🙂

  • Julianne Smith (United With Love) Says: (04.20.2011 | 11:16)

    So fun – it was great to meet her!

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