We made it, well at least some of us have made it to the big apple. Say a little prayer for the rest of our flower sisters who are still traveling. We have a few designers who have delayed flights and or are arriving in the morning. It is 12:33 and I am finally getting to write this post. Our first night together was amazing. I LOVE all of the Chapel designers and I am so impressed with each of these talented ladies. Many of the designers have been in business for years and they have lots of knowledge to share. However it is the new business owners or designers I am so proud of, it takes a lot of courage to pack up your suitcase and follow your dreams. Congrats to Janice Wong of Precious Pear, Liz from Fleurology, Yasmin from Events R Us  and Alicia who is a freelancer.  I am incredibly impressed by those who are new to the business who took this step for themselves. It took me 18 years to have the courage to travel and learn about our industry and ever since then, I have been on a new path. Night, night, designer girls and I will see you all tomorrow at the flower market.

Big thanks to Vicki Grafton from My Simple Details who will be photographing this event. Vicki is not only an amazing planner and stylists, she is a photographer as well. You just gotta have a good photographer.

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (03.07.2011 | 07:15)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us…love the pics. I’m cheering you all on from Texas!

  • floralartvt Says: (03.07.2011 | 07:56)

    I hope all of your “flower sisters” made it safe and sound…looking forward to more pics!

  • Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms Says: (03.07.2011 | 05:26)

    Have the best time ever Holly!! I so wish I could be there with you all. I have yet to go down the traveling path like you did, but hope to in the very near future… Lots of love and stay safe in the Big Apple!!

  • jacin {lovely little details} Says: (03.08.2011 | 10:42)

    i dont know how i only just found you but wow, you are amazing!!! i am in love with all of your creations!!

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