Yesterday we had the pleasure of designing with the ladies of the Woodlea Garden Club. 25 members came for a visit and a flower arranging lecture. Those who wanted to take home a holiday arrangement paid a small design fee.  Some ladies even came with their favorite containers.

We provided several different types of greenery. Some of the greens are harvested right here at my flower shop home. We lined up pine-cones, pods, berries, ornaments, picks, and ribbon. The budding designers chose whatever elements their heart desired. This was a fun and relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of the wedding season.

Even Elijah got in on the action.

The hardest part of the class was remembering that Samuel needed to be picked up from preschool right smack dab in the middle of the class. I kept begging Debbie, Myriam, and Casey to help me remember that we had to go and get Samuel. It is so easy to lose track of time in the flower shop. We look at the clock and it's hours before pick up time, the next glance at the clock always reveals we are late. In addition to floral design all of the ladies help me with the kids. You have certainly heard the saying " it takes a village" around here it takes the whole flower shop team. 

I was totally impressed with the designs that were created. It is incredible to see 20 women come up with completely different designs. Every person has their own unique vision. That is why floral design is an art!!

The ladies all had a great time designing in the shop. Evergreen designs will last well into the New Year. The women of Woodlea Garden Club will be enjoying their pieces for weeks to come, and each time they see their designs they will think of their time at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers.

After we arranged our centerpieces, we left the flower shop and headed to the dinning room. We had fun setting up a little mini brunch for the ladies. I have an amazing set of The Johnson Brothers, Friendly Village China, and it is perfect for the winter holidays. The china belonged to Evan's grandmother and it is beyond precious to me. Grammy used this china as her everyday china and I have so many fond memories of being at her table. Each plate, bowl, saucer, and platter, depicts a different winter scene. One of the guests told me it is actually one of Martha Stewarts favorite collectibles. That was a fun little fact to find out. There are many days I wish I was more like Martha.

Evan's birch containers come in seriously handy this time of year, they are one of the many things he made me for this wedding season.

Designer Casey made these really cute pillows for her house, but she brought them over to my place just for fun. Casey is going to make one really super bride this year!!

The mantel is one of the few things already decorated and ready for the holidays in our home. My whole house is in a holiday holding pattern until this weekend. We wait for the big kids to come home from college, which of course is very annoying for the little people in the family.

 My office is however ready for the holidays. I am in love with Casey's moss snowman.

Many thanks to the ladies of Woodlea who came to visit. A special thanks as always, to my flower shop girls who helped me teach, helped with the kids and helped to host a lovely party.

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