I want to write my "it's been a great year post," and thank everyone that has been with me through this amazing year of growth and change. I will wait for that though, and simply thank Loudoun Magazine for the wonderful coverage and recognition I just recieved in the Dream Wedding 2010 issue. It is wonderful to be acknowledged for what you do throughout your trade, but it is incredibly rewarding when your hometown and county see you for the talent that you are, or the evolving designer you are aiming for. I am truly pleased, thrilled, and grateful from head to toe to be chosen as one of the wedding leaders in Loudoun County. "Goin' to the Chapple" will always be a good step for area brides, because we will love you, honor you, and reward you with a beautiful wedding…

Its truly an honor to flip page after glorious page and see my work. I find myself speechless and as proud as I can possibly be. I love my career, I love my brides, I love weddings and I love Loudoun. I also of course love my amazing family that allows me to be a part of the wedding industry. Thank you Loudoun Magazine…


  • Julianne Smith (The Garter Girl) Says: (12.09.2010 | 09:44)

    Holly, this is so incredible! Congrats!

  • Perrier Elodie Says: (12.10.2010 | 01:43)

    amazing! congratulation Holly!

  • Jennifer Morris, J. Morris Flowers Says: (12.13.2010 | 12:29)

    Congratulations Holly on a gorgeous spread and wonderful year! You have been here through the rise of Loudoun as a premier wedding destination and you continue to aim for the stars for each couple who choose this gorgeous region as the spot for their unforgettable events. Cheers to you!

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