On Sunday morning I headed to NYC. Our first stop was to catch up with my wedding superstar and assistant Kelly Lanza. Kelly happened to be in the city seeing family. Of course, Elodie or "Frenchy" was along for the trip. One of the goals of this trip was to show New York city to Elodie, before she has to head back to France.

We were incredibly blessed to be received by the famous David Beahm, of David Beahm Designs. David met us just a few short hours after we arrived. Our first stop was to hit one of David's favorite markets. David was an incredibly gracious host and he cooked us dinner in his beautiful penthouse apartment. It was wonderful to be treated to a view of his world, and let me tell you his view is amazing.

In addition to the view he had a drool worthy rooftop garden. I have been hearing about his rooftop tomatoes for sometime, tasting them was even better.

Dinner was remarkable, fresh and healthy, except for all of the gourmet cheeses, we splurged big time on the cheese. Honestly it was so exciting to be spending time with him, that I often found myself just giggling.

The evening was so much fun, we were joined by Ed Libby and Todd Fiscus, also wedding and event industry superstars. Several other friends and family kept popping by throughout the night, but everyone was so awesome. We met lawyers, opera singers, designers from New York and abroad, plus even another mom who was visiting because her son works for David. I loved everyone I met. We parted in time to do a late night tour of Times Square, with a date to meet Jeremy at the flower market at 8:30 am. Jeremy is head production manager for David Beahm. We totally loved Jeremy, he is an incredible designer and host. Next stop the market, the production offices, and the corp. offices of David Beahm

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