Yesterday morning we hit the flower market and quite honestly I am on my way there again. I want to share with you a few quick photos and then I am hitting the market again. We will be back in VA. late tonight to recieve this weekends wedding flowers. There is never a dull moment in my world!!

YES!!! That is viburnum!!!

Tulips and hypericum.

I am going shopping!! Tonight I will write my big, David Beahm thank you blog post. I made this trip just to see him!!

  • Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms Says: (11.01.2010 | 11:35)

    I like how they display the flowers in NYC, love the eye candy. When you come to LA, I will bring you to the LA Flower Market, you’re going to flip out when you see our huge market floors filled to the brim with fresh flowers.

  • Courtney Says: (03.20.2011 | 07:10)

    Where is this flower market in NYC??

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