We had another remarkable weekend last weekend and we are thankful beyond belief for our many successes. I have to admit when Saturday morning hit we were all a little worn out. We have quite a bit of work to do this Fall, and the responsibility weighs heavy on our minds.  Many of us are having trouble sleeping, because we can't shut our minds down. Most of us are trouble shooting in our sleep, our thoughts are racing through contracts, looking for problems, or concerns. I have to admit that fear, and worry, and that inability to shut off the business at night, is probably why we are so successful.  Being fearful, over cautious, and nervous, really makes us rock. No joke, if we had a "oh whatever" attitude there would be mistakes. So yes, we are nervous, but we use that to our advantage, and we check, recheck, and recheck each and every design.  We want flower perfection!


We had the pleasure of providing this awesome bouquet to Kristin this past weekend. Thanks to Joylyn Hannas for getting me these images. We had more weddings than camera's last weekend.


The bouquet was created with orange roses, circus roses, orange orchids, blue delphinium, yellow teddy bear sunflowers, sea star fern, green hydrangea, scabiosa pods, orange dahlias from Don, orange crocosmia and yellow billy balls. Small lace florets from Kristin's mothers gown were added to the stems of the bouquet.


The maids carried bouquets of seeded euc, blue thistle, orange dahlias, orange roses, spray roses, scabiosa pods, yellow billy balls,  brown hypericum, sea star fern, Don's dahlias and solidago.


This lovely arrangement was designed for the altar. This picture shows the piece in the foyer of the church before it got to the altar table. The church was in Fairfax and the reception was in Bluemont at Whitehall Manor.


Look how excited my bride was, just before she went down the aisle. Kristin has been a dream to work with and I am so thankful we got to do her flowers. Kristin even took time out of her busy life to write letters to my daughters.  Kristin is a graduate from JMU and our oldest daughter Abby started there this fall. Our next daughter Hannah is also hoping to become a JMU student. Kristin wrote the girls offering, advice, wisdom, and just plain comfort.


Here she comes back down the aisle with her new groom. Clearly this was a happy, happy, day. Joylyn captured all of the emotion of the day so beautifully.



Happy married life Kristin we loved doing your wedding flowers.

  • Auntie Anne Cross Says: (09.30.2010 | 12:54)

    Oh, how super to see the gorgeous, happy couple again, read such sweet things about Kristin (just adding extra to our knowing what an exceptional person she is!) and to get to relish in the beauty of the flowers once again. The bouquets, altar piece and reception centerpieces were exquisite! Not to mention the flowers on the swing!!
    — With appreciation to all, “Auntie” Anne

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