This has been a very busy week with lots of changes. My office got booted out of the flower shop to make room for more designers. Our team keeps growing and growing with lots of new and interesting people.  We increased the flower shop by at least a 1/3 this week. I now have an office next to the work room instead of in it. 


The increase in floor space will help us when huge orders arrive.

Kelly joined the team a few weeks ago and she will be helping me with emails and call backs. She is super talented and awesome on the computer.  Kelly has been involved with the wedding industry for several years and she is really incredible.  So don't be surprised if you get an email from Kelly.

We have created awesome designs in our new space with several new designers. Here is a quick peek of whats " in the cooler" and then I am off to bed.  This full throttle design mode is exhausting all of us.


I know those pieces are beyond gorgeous! I love those lavender roses called amnesia.









I am outta here!!!

  • janet Says: (09.25.2010 | 02:49)

    I love the Amnesia rose bouquets

  • Mimi Says: (09.29.2010 | 04:21)

    Congratulations on the office space. My office is actually carved out of our little 300 square foot boutique flower shop. We are eyeing a larger space though.

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