I have missed a few blog posts, it has been beyond wild in the Chapple house. We are busy getting brides down the aisle, preparing for the weddings of the fall, meeting with 2011 clients, and we are packing up some of the Chaplets and sending them off to college. Our oldest Alex left last week, we have been through this before so it is painful but not gut wrenching. Packing up Abby to go for the first time could definitely be called gut wrenching. In spite of all of this family drama we have continued to produce some amazing designs. 

The bouquet above was created for Lindsay, it was designed with coxcomb, callas, dahlias, orchids, zinnia, roses, hydrangea, stock and scabiosa.  The wedding took place at the famous Whitehall Manor.




Here are some great shots of the remarkable Reget's at work. I love taking pictures of photographers on the job.


Our centerpieces were rich and vibrant and I loved the silver accents.


We added these pink crystals to the designs just before we headed to the wedding. I have had them in my shop for over a year and I have been dying to use them.



A huge round of applause needs to go to Jason at Market Salamander, he created this cake to look like the couples dog. His work and attention to detail was outrageous.



The real wedding cake was as lovely as the grooms cake was unique. I was amazed by the talent of this young baker. He is top notch and I bet we see him on TV some day.


We also provided these happy yellow designs to a wedding on Sunday. We had an event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last week, all while we were getting the kids off to school.


This bridal bouquet was created with yellow billy balls, white cabbage roses, creme de la creme roses, green hydrangea, green berry, and yellow spray rosees. We also added some white hydrangea from my garden.


We used football mums to create mini bouquets for the moms.


We have lots of amazing events coming up, I am in awe of what we will accomplish over the next few months; all with a broken heart. We miss you Abby this one hurts big time.


This is a photo of Abby ( she is on the left in the stripped shirt) just as we headed off to college.


Here she is in her new home away from home, at JMU.

  • Lara Says: (08.26.2010 | 08:57)

    two things! a) save those crystals for 11-27 🙂 and b) my cousin sarah is a freshman at jmu this semester! i will have her keep an eye out for abby!!

  • Alison Dix Says: (08.26.2010 | 08:58)

    I love the pink bouquets with the coscomb- what a great way to add texture!

  • Melissa Says: (08.26.2010 | 07:16)

    Several things-
    1. I am O-B-S-S-E-S-S-E-D with that dog cake. WHY didn’t I think of that?!!!
    2. I love that you refer to your kiddies as “Chaplets” gosh I heart your fam!!
    3. Please tell Abby congrats! I’m so envious of her- freshman year in college is THE BEST.
    4.MISS YOU!! That’s all. 🙂

  • Sara B. Says: (08.30.2010 | 02:04)

    go dukes 🙂 she will LOVE jmu, wish I could go back! see you on 09/20!

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