A few weeks ago a young woman contacted me via email. She stated that she was a professional photographer that was revamping her website and she hoped I would contribute some bouquets for her upcoming photo shoot, in return I would get images of my work. Me being me, I took the leap of faith without even knowing if I would benefit from the end results; lets face it, everyone is calling themselves a photographer these days, but I am sucker for helping people out. When she sent me the first photographs my thought was WOW who is this girl?!  To say I was impressed would be an understatement, I enjoyed her so much that she actually came out to my place for an additional shoot. Here are some of the amazing images that will be shown for several days in a feature called a "Parade of Bouquets!" The photographers name will be given to you the day her new website and blog is released.

The first bouquet was created of all blue hydrangea. I cut every piece of that hydrangea from my garden, I used several different varieties including my lacecap hydrangea.


The above bouquet was created by combining scabiosa pods, sahara roses, candy bianca roses, lambs ear, seeded eucalyptus, pee gee hydrangea, and green amaranthus tips.


This explosion of color was created by mixing green cabbage roses, yellow carnations, yellow billy balls, pink veronica, yellow carnations, blue thistle, pink nerine lily, pink snapdragons, green seeded euc and blue delphinium. Keep watching and I will give you more clues about our mystery photographer and a link to her new website and blog very soon…

  • Vicki Says: (07.14.2010 | 11:52)

    Love these Holly! You’re always so… sweet and willing to help out. I can’t wait to find out who the photographer is.

  • Alaynah Boyd Says: (07.14.2010 | 05:39)

    Good for you for taking a leap of faith! the bouquets and photos look beautiful. Its amazing what can happen when we help each other out!

  • Lisa Says: (07.14.2010 | 06:25)

    I’m definitely intrigued by who this Mystery Photographer is! And I secretly like it that you’re keeping us in suspense. Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous pix.

  • Sprout Says: (07.14.2010 | 09:44)

    Sweet! I wish someone equally talented would approach me with something lie this. 🙂

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