We did it, 7 weddings in one weekend.  Here are our fabulous bridal bouquets, and an explanation of how I got myself in the position of attempting 7 weddings in one weekend.




These lovely flowers belonged to Lindsey. We created the bridal, maids bouquets, flower girl designs, and several bouts, and corsages. This wedding was picked up on Friday by the bride and groom and was just a pleasure to design. Lindsey is the sister of Kendall of Kendall's cakes. When Kendall called and asked if I would help with her sisters flowers I simply could not say no even though I had promised myself we would not take on another event. Kendall is a real sweetheart emphasis on the sweet since she is a cake baker. The order was fairly small and I just knew we could make it happen.


This bright and happy bouquet belonged to Connie. Connie married at the Catholic Church in sterling, this ceremony was followed by a Hindu ceremony at Lansdowne. We created multiple designs for this wedding, including flower garlands to be worn by the bride and groom, altar designs, and all elevated centerpieces. The flowers were extraordinary and I loved working with both Connie and her mother. This wedding was a real team effort between the family and our studio. Having both a church ceremony and a Hindu ceremony really increased the work load,  but we have been planning this wedding for quite some time so everything was really under control. It was so much fun to help the family bring this wedding to life. 


This bridal bouquet was for Hazel. Oddly enough, I never met Hazel and she was my largest wedding of the weekend. Hazel had 40 centerpieces, half of which were elevated on brown iron stands, her low centerpieces were huge masses of orange roses. Hazel came to me by my way of wedding cord. Jamie Fisher. Jamie owns RSVP International Events. Jamie knew we had a huge weekend ahead of us but she still wanted us to take on her client Hazel. Jamie has worked with me long enough to know that I will do anything to make things work in spite of the chaos that always seems to be going on around here. I am so honored and grateful that she would want me to take this event on. We literally planned and organized this wedding over the phone and via email in under 5 weeks. Everything was truly amazing. The altar flowers and personal flowers were delivered to a church in Arlington and the 40 centerpieces went to Foxchase Manor.


Amber my New York bride went Hollywood on me.  Her wedding flowers were all about the drama. This wedding was designed by my good friend Lisa Schulz from The Posh Planner. The wedding took place at the National Cathedral and the reception was at the Long View Gallery in DC. We created lovely white calla bouquets for the maids that were collared with white feathers. The bride carried red peony, black baccara roses, red roses and red feathers. The centerpieces were white balls of flowers with white feathers elevated on my silver stands. Again drama was the theme of this wedding. I have been planning Ambers wedding with Lisa for almost a year.


This really unique summer bouquet belonged to Danielle. The camera actually made it to Danielle's wedding at Oatlands Plantation so you will see her full post in the next day or so.  Danielle was also an original bride for this weekend. We loved working with this very laid back and delightful bride. She actually told me to have fun with her bouquet and use my creative mind, I just totally freaking love,love, love that.


This lovely bouquet belonged to Christine. Her mom is teacher "Miss Donna" for my son Elijah's preschool. When Miss Donna told me her daughter was getting married and that they were interested in my flower services I almost fainted because I knew I already had a big weekend booked. They came on board before Lindsey and Hazel and I was intending to close out the weekend but how can you let your preschool teachers daughter go to anyone else. This wedding was held in Middleburg with a total of 26 centerpieces, altar flowers, aisle decor, and of course all of the wedding party flowers.


This bouquet was created for Vinny. Now Vinny flat out won my heart and my attention when she requested I do the flowers for her wedding four different times. Each time I declined her event saying that I really wanted to help but that I was totally committed for the weekend. Each time I sent her to other designers in the area,and each time she came back to me begging me to take on her event. The fourth time she actually cried and I of course said yes. I am such a softy, my only requirement would be that she would have to pick up the flowers. Vinny ended up with flowers for the wedding party, 10 centerpieces, loose flowers for some DIY projects, and she rented a ton of my decor. Vinny married at Oxon Hill Manor with the help of wedding planner Sugar from D.I.Yva Designs.





I will tell you now, that this was more than I ever intended to get me and my staff into, but when I lay it all out like this, I don't see how I could have changed a thing. Believe it or not, we did decline 5- 8 other weddings for this weekend. I will also say this very proudly we did it perfectly. I can't believe how beautiful everything was and how flawlessly we accomplished our very largest weekend ever. Thank you, amen!

  • Lauren @ ELD Says: (06.28.2010 | 11:47)

    Awesome Holly!! Absolutely gorgeous! And I know how it is to have multiple weddings in a row- way to go for rocking it! Now RELAX today!

  • Heather Edmondson Says: (06.28.2010 | 12:03)

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Melissa Cohen Says: (06.28.2010 | 08:59)

    YOU are SUPERWOMAN!! The bouquets are beautiful , but mine is still the best!!!!! 😉

  • Trish Van de Merkt Says: (06.28.2010 | 11:29)

    Beautiful Holly! I thought I was a mad woman when we did 7 weddings, an anniversary party and a golf dinner in 1 weekend, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there!

  • Vinny Says: (06.29.2010 | 12:27)

    HOLLY!!!! My flowers were crazy beautiful!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bouquet. And the props were perfect. I am so lucky you are such a softy and willing to entertain my multiple requests… THANK YOU.

  • Thea Says: (07.02.2010 | 09:33)

    The most I’ve taken on was 5. Props to you for your beautiful work and stunning organizational skills!

  • Birdie Says: (07.03.2011 | 01:39)

    Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully hpfelul!

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