I can't even begin to express how content and fulfilled I feel right now. Yesterday and today have been two of the most exciting days of design. Yesterday I worked on a fabulous photo shoot with Pam Barefoot from A Trendy Wedding . Ttoday I designed for a huge photo shoot and 3 weddings. At every turn I had fabulous elements, blossoms, berries, and textures to touch hold and create with. My oldest son Alex said I was in the zone. 



I have had a blast stretching our talents to hair pieces and jewelry. My daughters prom designs a few weekends ago got us all totally inspired.


I created this really arty, wild, bouquet for todays shoot. Jessie made a necklace and bout to go with the bouquet. We were  simply cranking out flower art.



In addition to the designs for the photo shoot we had a wedding today, plus a consult with a fabulous couple. The couple arrived with their sweet puppy and the grooms parents. It was one of those ridiculous moments when everything seemed so perfect and so obviously meant to be. The couple showed me pictures of designs they wanted and I happened to have every single flower they requested in house or in the garden. We were all squealing with delight.  It was so much fun, I fell in love with the couple and the parents.  In addition to our flower connection, apparently the grooms parents have a mini addiction for a pie man in Lucketts. I just cracked up laughing because the pie man happens to be my father and we ended up hugging and screaming  with delight when they realized I was the pie mans daughter. They even called him the pie man with blue eyes. We tease daddy endlessly about his blue eyes because all of his customers love his blue eyes.  Daddy owns and operates  Heiders Country Store. Dad is 73 years old and works everyday, he is a superstar.


I loved how kind my bride and groom were with my children, it totally warmed my heart. It is fun to see engaged couples with kids. It helps me to imagine them in the future after the wedding.








For some reason I can't get anymore images to upload perhaps it's someone telling me I better get to bed. We have a big fun day ahead of us.  




  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (06.19.2010 | 08:40)

    It looked like a wonderful fulfilling day. Very creative and colorful. Love everything, the little wire pots and their flowers were charming, love the fern you are using, and the bright modern bouquet was wonderful.

  • Vicki Says: (06.22.2010 | 02:56)

    Love the first orange and white bouquet and the one for the photo shoot is wild and gorgeous like always.

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