I am finding it incredibly hard to believe that it is already mid June. I can't believe we are half way through the year; it seems like wedding season just started. So many of the brides I looked forward to this year are already married. This weekend I have been creating bridal bouquets for brides and families I adore. How, how, can it be passing so quickly? They say time flies when you are having fun. I think it flies warp- speed when you are in the flower shop…




Miss Grace had a blast sneaking over from the other side of the house today. She is getting old enough to march over and check out the flower side of our home. She always looked so tickled and pleased with herself when she rounded the corner and found her way back into the shop. Grace has a smile as big as a peony and every bit as sweet. She is such a delight.




We are absolutely loving our designs this week, we have pink weddings, purple weddings, orange weddings and yellow. We are rich in blooms and unique textures and the quality this week is awesome.















Sam is a constant visitor in the shop, adding Grace to the room is one more challenge, don't forget about Eli, and our puppy Sadie. 


This weekend is also the weekend we created our place card easel and board for. We are so excited to be able to bring this to Melissa's wedding.  This was the catylst for getting my husband Evan into the prop building business.

If you do not see your flowers in the cooler, don't worry: the cooler is so full I can't even walk in to take pictures. Everything is wonderful, everything is perfect. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day and unfortunately I will be kissing some of my brides good-bye. Bummer…

  • flower delivery philippine Says: (06.15.2010 | 09:12)

    These look so gorgeous!I love the color combination,every touch was just right.Keep up the great work!

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