If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog you know I did a huge event last week at the Smithsonian American Indian Museum. The event was hosted by Madeleine Pickens in honor of her  Save America's Mustangs Foundation.  Madeleine is married to T. Boone Pickens and the event also was a birthday party for T. Boone.  

A huge thanks to Laura Ritchie and Megan Pollard, the two superstar planners that brought me in on this event. Laura and Megan own and operate the planning company Events In The City. Thank you for your constant faith in my business and for bringing this amazing event my way. Your work was as always, fresh, flawless, and just plain incredible.  Next big thanks goes to Genevieve Leiper Photography, who came to the event on my behalf so that I would have photos, and because she loves me, am I lucky or what.


I absolutely adored the designs we created for this event and I am so happy to have these images. Our elevated centerpiece was designed with a pilsner glass vase that we completely covered in preserved moss. We flew 25 orange mango callas out of the vase, along with willow, and leucadendron. At the base of the design we massed bright orange pin cushions, which totally looked like a burst of sun.  The base of the design also featured more callas, blue thistle, safari sunset, solidago, and red orchids. We also wrapped the vase with the red mokara orchids and pheasant feathers. The color and the drama was perfect for the evening.


We also chopped down a good bit of my red maple tree, the  leaves were simply stunning and added a nice touch to the base of the design.


Our second centerpiece was simply a piece of art.


This piece began with a large grouping of green wheat grass. We cut out the center of the grass and started the design with a piece of  lichen. Lichen is a branch that has a green moss growing on the bark. We then started adding unique elements that spoke of the Native Americans or the Plains. We spun the vase inserting a new earthy element or blossom as we turned the design. This made the piece interesting and different on all four sides. We used thistle, safflower, pieces of birch bark, raw cotton, kiwi vine,solidago, leucadendron, green wheat, flying pheasant feathers, mushrooms, and other pods and berries. Each vase was wrapped in burlap and twine. 


Mrs. Pickens gave each guest a book about her beloved Mustangs,and we placed an individual blossom in each book.  350 individual blossoms.




The cocktail hour took place outside of the museum, where a large tee pee was on display. Guests had time with the horses and were entertained by the Native American dancers. I provided clusters of thistle and safflower for this space.






Challenger the bald eagle was amazing. We actually saw him fly through the museum during set up of the event.


The list of performers was amazing, and you can read more about the event on the BizBash DC website, the event was featured yesterday. Many thanks to all of the vendors who worked so tirelessly to bring this event together. The girls from Events in the City had 3 weeks to help plan this event, and they brought together this list of amazing vendors.


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  • lisa sommer Says: (05.27.2010 | 02:30)

    holly, these centerpieces are trully exceptional….moss covered pilsners…who knew??? your textual use of the raw cotton and wheatgrass is OFF THE HOOK
    petals and promises,llc

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