I posted earlier this week that we would be giving away a bouquet each week and it would be called the "Blessings Bouquet" .  You can read the post I wrote here. In true Holly style, I just said I was going to do it, slammed the post up and went about my day. I did not really think it all through, I mentioned in the post that I would get back with everyone in a few days with some rules.  I intended to start the giving next week on April 7th. I wanted to allow myself some time for development of my really great Idea.  However I actually looked at the calendar wrong and put up the date of April 1st.  I got several requests almost immediately and all of them pulled at my heart. I told the designers in the shop I could not choose  one winner because I loved all of the requests so much.  Designer Debbie said in her North Carolina draw "well let me look at them and I can decide". Ha!  She was just as moved as I was and choosing a winner was not possible.  We decided we would send out 3 bouquets this week, it is Easter and the start of Spring. So much for all I learned the last few weeks about running a more profitable business. Now I am giving flowers away.  So for the future here is the plan.

1. The bouquet must be picked up by either the recipient or the giver on Friday's at South Street Under. Kevin Malone the owner of both Tuscarora Mill and South Street has graciously allowed South Street Under to be the spot for the bouquet pick up. In addition he is offering a cookie, or brownie bar, as an extra treat to the winner. Please do not submit a request if you can't pick up the bouquet at this location.

2. Requests for the bouquets will be posted on the blog so that the readers can help vote.  If you would not like certain parts of the request posted please indicate what parts you do not want published. You are welcome to alter the names or give code names if you need to, to protect the anonymity of the recipient.

3. The winner will be chosen by someone outside of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and the votes from the readers will be factored in. We can't handle the stress of picking the winner.

4. We would really like a picture of the winner with the bouquet.

5. We will only be picking one winner from now on, if your request is not chosen we highly suggest submitting your request again.

I also wanted to share some fun pictures of family day. I took two days off this Spring Break to play with the kids. One of the days we went bowling. Yes bowling, I know it sounds so dorky but in truth we had a really fun time. 






Sam and Eli fighting.


Riley, Holly and Hannah


Baby bowler Grace


Grace and Evan


Evan's smooth moves.


Abby and Grace


Our killer shoes


Me and Grace


Hannah after her strike


Abby trying for a strike


My strike celebration!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Spend lots of time with family because they are the greatest blessing of all!!  To our  man-child Alex if you read this, we miss you. I hope life is treating you well at the Lithuanian Embassy. Lots of love to you and your fiance Mallary.


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