This past weekend we had the pleasure of providing flowers for my bride, Anne.  Her wedding was held at Holy Trinity in Georgetown with a reception at The Fairfax On Embassy Row. When the professional images are sent to me by Freed Photography, I will share more about this wonderful wedding.

What I want to share with you now is how wonderful this whole experience was.


This is my bride, Anne. I love this picture of her taken by Freed Photography because it captures her care free spirit and her beauty. Anne was called "triple S" throughout the whole planning process   She wanted a look that was simple, sophisticated, and stunning. Those words pretty much embody Anne's attitude. She was such a beautiful girl to work with–always so elegant, lady like, but fun beyond belief. I have been blessed with hundreds of truly lovely brides.  When a client is kind to you, it is amazing how much more heart and soul goes into an event. I always give my clients extraordinary designs, but something a little extra flows out of me when I truly feel connected and, yes, in love with the bride. Anne was so easy to work with; she simply trusted me to make everything wonderful.  Anne deserved every single blossom, and it was a complete and total pleasure to be assisting her bring her wedding vision to life. I simply loved Anne, and we were calling her the super sweet bride by the time we were finished.

To add to the pleasure of working on this event, I got to work with Scott who is the Director of Catering and the hotel The Fairfax At Embassy Row. Anne kept saying to me wait until you meet Scott and wait until you see my venue. I have to admit I was completely smitten with the venue and Scott. This hotel is elegant but charming–very warm and inviting and clearly a magnificent historic property.  The Fairfax Lounge even displays Jackie O's piano. The hotel offers a sweeping staircase, crystal chandeliers, and a balcony over the ballroom . It is just incredible. Scott was so easy to work with, and his staff was truly top notch. 

Prior to the start of a reception, the vendors are working together to bring a room to life. I often evaluate a venue or a catering firm by their staff. If the staff is calm, smiling and happy to be on the job, I know I am working with truly remarkable professionals. At the Fairfax, the room magically came to life as the staff methodically and perfectly set up each table. There was even one very lovely gentlemen quietly singing as he polished each piece of silver.  You know the saying "whistle while you work"? Well, only happy people do that. Happy employees work hard to make each event special. It is a little secret I have noticed in the wedding industry: a place may look perfect, but if the people behind the scenes are not happy to be there, they do not cherish the venue, and then they do not cherish your special day. When the employees love their employer and their venue, they put extra effort and care into each job that they fulfill. It is hard to express in words how stressful a set up can be, and when everyone is stressed the stress rises. That stress can reach out to the florist, the cake baker, and even the musicians. When everyone is calm, kind and working together, there is magic. This hotel has the magic, and their staff, lead by Scott, is truly part of the charm. 

Here are a few pictures from the wedding until we get more images from Freed Photography.



As you can see the colors of the day were navy and hot pink. We used hot pink flowers galore and just a touch of evergreen on navy linens.  We used the evergreen as a little nod  to the holiday season.  The maids dresses also happened to be navy, and we bound the bouquets in navy ribbon.



The cake was created by Rocio Diaz from A Piece of Cake.

I look forward to sharing more with you at a later date about this wonderful wedding.

Loved this wedding, loved this bride, and I totally loved Scott and The Fairfax At Embassy Row.


  • Patra @ I Do Declare Says: (04.14.2011 | 09:59)

    I was a bridesmaid in Anne’s wedding – you did an amazing job! I’m also a huge fan of On A Whim!

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