Guess what's "in the cooler?" Evergreens! This week we began the process of preparing for the holiday season. We do not have any weddings this weekend, so it was the perfect time to dig out all of our holiday decor elements. We have boxes of gold pine cones, natural cones, berries, pods, fruit, twigs and ornaments, all of which needed to come out of storage. Next we began harvesting the evergreens from my property. I have blue spruce, white pine, boxwood, yew bush and cedar. I also cut fraiser fir from our first Christmas tree  that we planted 22 years ago. 

Once we got everything organized, we started making designs to take down to On A Whim antiques store. We thought it would be a good idea to get a jump on the holiday season.  We still have some really special weddings this season, so we wanted to get ahead. Here are shots from our space at  On A Whim antiques store in Lucketts, VA. I will be providing designs at my booth throughout the holiday season.  These first pieces are very natural in design and would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table as well. Evergreen designs last well into the New Year, so they are really a great long-lasting purchase. We also filled the space with beautiful antiques.




The tree is loaded with ornaments for sale.






Come pick up some Holly Heider Chapple Flowers designs at On A Whim.


  • Kendall Barrett Says: (11.20.2009 | 11:47)

    I want to come by On a Whim on Sunday. Will you be around?

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